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Enthusiast Review

Megabass's Own Insanity : The LIN 10


Date: 4/22/12
Tackle type: Enthusiast
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal


Ever since the suite of TD-Ito reels made their debut back in 2003, the bass fishing enthusiast crowd has waited in eager anticipation each and every year for an encore. And encores there have been. In the years that followed, the collaboration that is Daiwa Japan and Megabass brought us creations such as the Alphas Ito-Ai, Ito Monoblock, Bespoke, Zonda, RC 256, IS71, IS73, IS79, and more. Some of these reels have been featured here in their very own reviews, many more have not. To be honest, it's gotten a little out of hand.


How does Megabass celebrate 25 years?

Don't get me wrong. Few can rival the creative drive of Yuki Ito, but at a certain point there is the law of diminishing returns. We've been so inundated with updates to the Bespoke, Zonda, and IS lines - each offered at a higher and higher premium price - I just stopped paying attention.

But with a new, limited production reel of course.

Then, just by chance a few months ago, someone had asked me what I thought of the latest "new" reel from Megabass - the LIN 10. It was a name I did not recognize and when described to me, I only had a vague recollection of seeing a photo somewhere on our discussion forum. I dismissed it.

From this angle, it almost looks like a Zillion ...

Enter 2012 and the time to gear up for a new season of reviews. The Alabama Rig had taken over and I needed some gear with which to throw it. Megabass and Evergreen Rods were already enroute, but I had gotten a little bored with my arsenal of big bait chucking reels. Time for something new. I looked up the LIN 10.

But no, it is the insane, LIN 10.

Turns out, the LIN 10 is Yuki Ito's interpretation of the Ryoga 1016. We shared our up and down story with the smaller Ryoga back in September of 2011. It's a fine reel, but when all is said and done, even though it won our Ultimate Enthusiast Award, it's really a reel designed for inshore fishing, not black bass.

Based on the Ryoga 1016 platform.

The LIN 10 was based on this platform, and even though Megabass does produce tackle for the saltwater angler, what they're known for - at least stateside - is their bass fishing gear. Even though the Monoblock Bespoke reels fill that round reel niche for Megabass, there was a very strong probability the LIN 10 was a Ryoga 1016 tuned for bass fishing. Naturally there was only one way to find out

Megabass LIN 10 Specifications

Rated Line Capacity (lb/yds) 14/125 : 16/110
Tested Line Capacity 19lb Sunline Defier / 75yds
Retrieve Ratio 6.3:1
Inches Per Turn (IPT) tested 24" at full spool
Weight 8.4 oz / 240 grams
Bearings 12+1
Drag Rated at 13.2lbs (6kg) : Tested at 8lbs
Handle Length 90mm
Micro Click Adjustments Drag Star & Cast Control Knob
Brake Type Daiwa MagForce Z
External Brake Adjustment? Yes
Origin Japan
MSRP 97,140 JPY (~$1,200*)
*USD will vary with exchange rate.


Impressions: The first thing that strikes you with the LIN 10 was how light it felt. It's not even a full ounce lighter than the Ryoga 1016HL, but for some reason, the weight difference feels significant.


And yes, we did fish it ...


This reel was built to celebrate Megabass's 25th Anniversary. Supposedly, there were only 200 ever made. We're uncertain as to whether that was 200 total or 200 each in left and right and retrieve because the reel is available in both. Frankly, I never believe these claims, but my LIN 10 did arrive with a number inscribed on the frame number 00119.

Limited to only 200? Based on this serial number, maybe so.

Field Tests: As long as it took for me to finally find one, muster up the finances to pay for it, and wait for it to finally arrive, you'd think I'd have second thoughts of actually using the reel. When I shared the story with Zander, even he questioned me, "You're not going to actually use it, are you?" I told him of course I was all the while grateful that he doesn't use left hand retrieve reels because this was one piece of tackle I was not about to hand to him to check out and risk not getting back!

The Ryoga 1016 platform might look big, but on the rod and in hand, it is actually a very comfortable and compact reel to fish.

I spooled my LIN 10 up with seventy five yards of nineteen pound (19lb) test Sunline Defier nylon monofilament line, mounted it on my Megabass FX-81X4 Black Python and took it out with us on our Bama-Rig 101 adventures.

Spooled up with Sunline Defier Mono and ready for action.

Next Section: Let the LIN-Sanity begin...









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