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Lure Review

Year of the Crank Bait Review : Megabass Z Crank

Date: 11/20/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 6.33 - FAIR

Introduction: Anyone who pays attention to our site or even browses through the Enthusiast section here knows that the product from Megabass Japan is very well received amongst our editors. Really almost any product from Japan receives a good amount of attention from us because the products intended for that market, for the most part, not only perform well, but they do so with a certain flair that brings a broad smile to our faces and even sometimes a sense of awe. Combine that enthusiasm with some already developed preferences and products that intersect these factors have the makings of an Ultimate Enthusiast Award.


Introducing the Megabass Z Cranks in Blue (balsa) and Red (hardwood) label

Megabass Z Crank Specifications

Type Crankbait
Depth 4'
Class Floater
Size (weight) ~2 5/8 inches (1/2 oz)
Colors / Patterns Approx 21
Hook Sizes Inter
MSRP 3,400 JPY


The Z Crank in Viper Red

Re-enter Megabass Japan and their incredible series of wood baits, the Z-Cranks. These products first began to appear on Internet pages and stores roughly two years ago. They are supposedly a reincarnation of a previous generation product from this same company but updated with unreal finishes and modern touches like a circuit board lip. When the first B-Series and Red-Series Z-Cranks first showed up, they were selling in excess of thirty dollars a pop. Quite the price for a crank, but of course, that had little bearing because this was afterall, a Megabass product.

This bait is a recreation of a classic Megabass bait ...

Impressions: So, I, like many others before and after me I am sure, dove right in thinking, "I’d better scoop some of these baits up before we see Vision 110-like shortages and inflated prices, but oh, the finishes are so pristine, I have to have at least two of each – one to fish, and one to keep." Only trouble with that approach with this bait was, it only took three baits to crest a one hundred dollar shopping cart total. But of course, this was a Megabass product.

... updated with a circuit board lip ...

Of course wanting two of each color and actually being able to procure two were two different circumstances all together – actually three if you throw in affordability. So more often than not, one of each desirable color was all I could get – especially of the Viper Red and chartreuse with black back. Two colors that looked really good and would probably produce fish.

... as one might expect, detailing is exquisite ...

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