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Lure Review


A Squarebill with Special FX : The Megabass Knuckle


Date: 6/20/18
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.58 - GOOD

Ever faced with a situation while running the bank firing and cranking your square bill plug searching for active bass where you stumble upon a laydown or change in depth that caused you to either retie, pick up a different combo, or skip entirely because you knew the bait you had tied on would snag? What if the bait you already had tied on and were firing down the bank could be adjusted to accommodate the parameters that one little situation presented, and then adjusted back to handle the remaining stretch of bank. Megabass has the solution with their Knuckle FX squarebill crank.


Megabass Knuckle FX Squarebill Specifications

Type Square Bill Crank
Length 2 1/4" (Jr.) : 2 3/8" (60)
Weight Jr. = 0.32oz : 60 = 0.42oz both on our digital scale
Depth 1-5ft
Material Plastic
Colors 13
Hooks Jr. = 2x #8s : 60 = 2x #6 Katsuage
MSRP $21.99


Introducing the Knuckle FX Jr. (left) and 60 (right).


Impressions: Megabass's Knuckle FX is a standard sized squarebill crank with a lexan lip instead of the circuit board lip found on the S-Crank and the majority of current generation shallow water cranks. The reason behind this retro-bill is functional.


The bill on this bait is adjustable allowing you to fish this bait in standard diving mode or a shallow running mode. The idea is if you come across that visible piece of structure or outcrop of weeds or other similar situation, instead of reaching for another rod or tying on another bait, simply adjust the Knuckle FX's mode and continue fishing.

The Knuckle FX 60 measures 2 3/8" and has a fixed weight in the belly.

Real World Tests: It's an interesting selling point, but how does it actually work? Naturally, we take to the water to find out. We've actually had this bait since its introduction a couple years back and have fished it on a bunch of different combos and line types. This review covers the original Knuckle FX 60 which I like best with a slow to medium retrieve ratio reel and eight to twelve pound test fluorocarbon line.

Tied on and ready to be tossed out.

Castability: The Knuckle FX 60 is rated at three eighths of an ounce (3/8oz) and weighs in on our digital scales at a fairly consistent 0.42 ounces (3/8 = 0.375). The discrepancy is really neither here nor there, but I consider it a good thing because this bait is super easy to cast despite not having an internal weight transfer system to aid with momentum.

Adjusted with the bill at its highest position, the Knuckle FX60 will dive to 5'.

This is no doubt due to the bait's compact size. You do, however, have to be mindful of your casting motion of the bait will tumble, just a bit, if your backswing and follow through are not very fluid. The bait casts equally well with all line types and while I tend to prefer fluorocarbon line as a rule with squarebills, I fished this bait on braid as well as nylon monofilament.

Adjusted with the bill at its lowest position, the Knuckle FX will dive to about 12 - 18 inches.

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