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Lure Review

The Easy Cranking, Deep Diving Megabass Deep Six


Date: 10/6/13
Tackle Type: Lure
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.08 - GOOD

Unless you're an experienced tournament angler, thirty pound bags on a weekend of fun fishing on Clear Lake, California are usually the byproduct of a good spring bite, but this Fall we had the opportunity to share time on the water with Megabass of America and Hi's Tackle Box. The event was supposed to be an opportunity to go through some of the new tackle recently brought in by the manufacturer while sharing some time on the water. Trouble with an actual on the water introduction is, if you find a bite with a bait that's working better than others, you tend to go native and stick with what's working until that bite subsides. Naturally, with us on hand, it's difficult to keep the news like this in check. Introducing our look at what might be the next hot bait from Megabass, the Deep Six crankbait.


Megabass Deep Six Crankbait Specifications

Type Deep Diving Crankbait
Depth 16-20 feet (on 10-12lb mono)
Size 3-1/8" body : 5-1/4" overall
Weight 0.79oz (tested)
Hooks 2 #2
Colors/Patterns Six currently
MSRP $22.99


Introducing the Megabass Deep Six crankbait.

Impressions: We’ve been fishing the Megabass Deep Six crank on and off for the better part of a year but have been waiting for a consistent, deep crank bite to fish them more extensively. That bite materialized this past week on Clear Lake.

The Deep Six (top) is made to run at greater depths than it's predecessor, the DeepX 300.

The bait itself measures three and one eighth of an inches (3-1/8")in length without the bill and five and a quarter inches (5-1/4") in length with the bill. It weighs just over three quarters of an ounce (3/4 oz) and comes equipped with two #2 sized hooks that weigh a combined 2.2 grams.

If we're going to nit-pick QC (and we always do), the Deep Six (left) could use some attention right here.

An interesting oddity to nit-pick about this twenty three dollar crankbait is where the line tie attaches to the diving bill. On most baits, this connection is clear, just like the rest of the bait’s diving bill, but on the Deep Six, it’s all obscured and gives the impression of being unfinished.

The Deep Six is currently available in six colors. Missing here is the Blue Back Matte Chartreuse.

Maybe Megabass has done something to reinforce this connection? Or maybe it’s an oversight at the factory. We’re doubtful it affects the likelihood of a fish hitting the bait or not, but there is the expectation on a bait from Megabass, that every cosmetic aspect of that product is going to be impeccable.

Tying one on to toss out and crank up!

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