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Lure Review

Introducing the Megabass Anthrax and Anthrax 100 Topwater Baits Where Imagination is the Key

Date: 12/26/06
Tackle type: Lures : Topwater
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.75


Introduction: Is there anything more thrilling in the realm of sportfishing than the topwater strike? In fact, for black bass fishing, there are so many different types of topwater that anglers can easily exhaust the layout space on their front decks with rods dedicated to each different topwater technique. There are cigar baits, poppers, buzzbaits, frogs, toads, wake baits, among others. Today, we bring to you the story of an eccentric series of topwater baits that combine a few of these techinques in one, the Megabass Anthrax and Anthrax 100.

Megabass Anthrax / Anthrax 100 Specifications

Type Topwater
Action Wake Bait / Side to Side Slasher and Splasher
Size Anthrax - 3 1/4" (3/8 oz) : Anthrax 100 - 4 1/8" (1/2 oz)
Colors Anthrax - 15 colors : Anthrax 100 - 13 colors
MSRP ~$23.00 (Anthrax) : ~$28 (Anthrax 100)

Impressions: Confusion, disarray, flabbergasted - three words not often associated with bass fishing except when it comes to the latest and greatest creations from one of Japan's premiere tackle companies. The Anthrax and Anthrax 100 are two versions of the same bait sharing, of course, the same basic silhouette which in and of itself is nothing out of the ordinary except for the fact that ordinary for these two baits is what's upside down for most others. Got that? Exactly!


Introducing the Megabass Anthrax

This lure is quite unlike any other bait I've seen or used. With the shape and size of a prototypical minnow bait, the actual configuration of this lure in relation to others is the same as the relationship of the south pole to that of the north. In other words, the Anthrax is built upside down and downside up. My initial impression of this bait was that it's simply a topsy tervy jerkbait. Of course, this is not true, the Anthrax is so much more. As it turns out, the Anthrax is a topwater bait built to mimic fleeing and injured baitfish, the favorite forage for many of our most sought after gamefish.

Oh wait, this is the right way to hold this bait

The Field Tests:
What better way to uncover the mystery of a new bait than to take it out on the water and see what it can do? Touted as a topwater bait, I pulled out two different rigs with which to fish them both consisting of six foot (6') rods for maximum flexibility working the lures.


Complete test rigs for Megabass Anthrax / Anthrax 100 Field Tests

Rig One Rig Two
Rod G.Loomis CR722 GLX Daiwa Steez STZ 601MFBA
Reel Conquest 51 Daiwa TD Zillion 100SHL
Line Sunline Machinegun Cast Berkley Transition FC


Introducing the Anthrax 100

Either way you look at these baits, it's hard not to turn them upside down


Casting: Once you get over the odd configuration of these lures and tie one on to sample, casting becomes pretty academic. Both the three-eighths ounce Anthrax and half ounce Anthrax 100 are easy to cast even in conditions of head and cross winds. The odd, external fin is small enough to where wind resistance is not a factor. If anything the three-eighth ounce Anthrax casts like a bait that is heavier.


While the protruding anal fin on the Anthrax is fixed, the Anthrax 100's (pictured here) moves from side to side

This unique Flap Fin is another in a long list of patented designs from Megabass

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