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Line Review

Maxima Perfexion, an ultra line for your ultralight tackle

Date: 10/10/02
Tackle type: Line
Manufacturer: Maxima
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.3

Introduction: When fishing with ultralight tackle it helps to use high quality fishing line.  The Maxima Perfexion is a premium monofilament line that has many benefits such as durability, high abrasion resistance, and a very fine diameter.  We take a closer look at the Perfexion in the backcountry water applications.


Maxima Perfexion Specifications

Color Clear
Line wt's available 2 - 30 lb.
Weight Tested 2 lb.
Average Diameter 0.005 inch (0.11 mm)
MSRP $8.99 (2 lb./280 yds.)

Impressions: When picking up a fishing line that you haven't used before, there's no way you can tell how well it will perform.  That's how I felt when I first got my hands on a spool of the Maxima Perfexion in the 2 lb. test.  You can read what they claim on the package, and then you can visually inspect the line...but until you actually spool up and fish it is difficult to make any judgments.  The Perfexion is clear, it's thin, and is quite strong for a 2lb line. 


The Maxima Perfexion comes in a handy one shot spool that contains 280 yards of 2 lb. test line.  If your reel has a deep spool, you might want to spool on some 4 lb. test first, then finish it off with the 2 lb. Perfexion


Complete Rig for the Tests

Rod St. Croix Premier Traveler PS60LF4
Reel Quantum Catalyst PTi (CT10PTi)
Line 2 lb. Maxima Perfexion


Backcountry Field Tests: Throughout the summer months TackleTour ventured into the backcountry of Yosemite National Park to test some of the most exciting tackle.  I was able to test Maxima Perfexion 2 lb. test with some of the newest spinning reels.  Spooled on a 2003 Quantum Catalyst 10PTi and paired with a ultralight rod, the St. Croix Premier Traveler, I proceeded on numerous trout fishing field tests using the Perfexion.


Visibility: The waters in the high country of Yosemite are crystal clear.  You can easily see the bottom of the river or lake, and of course the trout can see you, and often spook at the mere sight of anglers walking close to the edge.  Aside from using lures that mimic true prey, a fishing line that's invisible in the water is preferred because some of these trout are very timid and anything will spook them.  The Maxima Perfexion comes in a clear color and is nearly invisible to the naked eye.  When in the water this line is transparent and the fine 0.005 inches in diameter helps prevent it from being easily spotted.


Notice the line that's in the water compared to what is outside.  When the Perfexion is in the water it's nearly invisible.  A premium line like this will likely increase your chances of landing quality Browns like this

Durability: In the tests we noted how strong the line was for such a light test. Maxima uses a new manufacturing process and an advanced polymer formula to produce an outstanding strength to diameter ratio compared to other brands.  Don't let the fine diameter scare you.  Fishing for aggressive Browns in the backcountry proved the Perfexion to be as good as it claims for it's fine diameter size.  The line held up fish after fish and run after run.


For the abrasion resistant category I would have to rate it good.  After many casts over rocks, down trees, and other obstacles the Maxima Perfexion line faired well.  After more than a week fishing in the rivers and catching over 100 fish, the line only snapped on me twice.  It was no surprise to me when this happened because I really beat this line up by pulling it over stumps, rocks, and more.


The Perfexion is not only highly abrasion resistant but exhibits incredible knot strength as well.  As a test I used the Maxima 2 lb. test and tied it directly onto a 4 lb. test line using different line to line joining techniques such as the blood and double-uni knots.  The results were positive and no knot slippage occurred.  To add to the results the multi-day fishing trip in the backcountry showed no signs of knot weakening, even after extended fishing.
Line Twists?: I am really impressed with the Perfexion.  After many days of trout fishing using inline spinners such a Panther Martins and spoons like Kastmasters I didn't get a single line twist.  I have used other fishing lines before and it was a pain to undo line twists.  The Maxima Perfexion gave me no trouble while I was in the backcountry and I was able to land more fish instead of wasting time with twisted line.


The Maxima 2lb. spooled on the Quantum Catalyst PTi is an excellent set up for trout fishing in the backcountry waters.  Zero line twists and the ease in casting will make your trips more enjoyable

Casting: If you have ever used 2 lb. test line before you know how well it casts.  Casting a light line allows you to toss even the most minute lures quite a good distance.  After extended use some lines don't cast as far or smoothly anymore, but with Maxima Perfexion this is not the case.  Cast after cast the Perfexion fishing line remains as if it was just spooled onto the reel.  The line remains smooth, limp and durable, and something that's quite important, having a very low memory.  While fishing in the backcountry I was able to easily place my 1/32 oz. Panther Martin to places where others couldn't.  This fine diameter line came off my spool and through the guides smoothly with nearly zero friction. 


Maxima Perfexion Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very well built with a high strength to diameter ratio, limp and durable 8.5
Performance Performs great.  No line twists were seen throughout our tests.  Casts easily and smoothly 9.0
Price A premium line, but I would pay more for no line twists 7.0
Features Not Applicable N/A
Design (Ergonomics) Designed with many pluses: highly abrasion resistant, limp and durable, and low visibility 8.5
Application Excellent fishing line for your ultralight tackle for backcountry trout, pan fish, and more 8.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Durable L Higher price
J Low memory  
J Low visibility  
J Fine diameter  
J No line twists  

Conclusion: Fishing in the backcountry is extremely fun, especially when using ultralight tackle.  The fish are hungry but very timid and smart.  Clear waters require you to use small attractive lures and other light tackle.  That's where the Maxima Perfexion comes into play.  The Perfexion is a premium fishing line that is nearly invisible in the water, durable, low in memory, and has a fine diameter, and best of all you won't have to hassle with annoying line twists.  So next time you head out with your ultralight tackle, don't go with anything less than Perfexion.










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