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Lure Review

A Smaller Pointer from Lucky Craft Targets Both Bass and Trout

Date: 1/29/09
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

The Pointer series from Lucky Craft are among the most popular ripbaits on the market and have become the benchmark for many bass anglers when it comes to hard jerkbaits. The company also has a miniature version of their top seller, only this time the new Pointer 65sp is designed not just for bass but to target trout as well.

Lucky Craft Pointer 65sp Specifications

Type Jerk Bait (hard)
Class Suspending
Material Plastic
Colors/Patterns 50+
Weight 3/16oz
Size 2.5"
Diving Depth 4'-5'
Hook size No. 8
MSRP $13.99


Three pointers in one hand?


Impressions: The Pointer 65sp first caught my attention at Hi’s Tackle, Box a local shop in San Francisco. I couldn’t take my eyes off the lures, which looked “cute,” for lack of a better word. It was almost as if someone found a way to simply shrink a Pointer 100 by over 50 percent and maintain the same incredible paint finishes that make Lucky Craft so admired by anglers.


Meet the smaller 65sp designed for trout


Many of my favorite largemouth and striper patterns were available in the smaller lures including the American Shad but what really looked interesting were the small trout patterns. Bass would surely hit these I contemplated, especially in lakes where there were regular stocking programs. There were many times at clear water lakes where we would see bass chase trout up, or be fishing for bass only to be surrounded by boiling trout. This was a lure that I could use to target both at the same time.


The brook trout finish is beautifully done


Each lure is 2.5” in (65mm) in length and weigh a very light 3/16oz. (5.0g) and comes armed with two #8 treble hooks. They are designed to suspend just like their larger siblings and can be worked similarly as well with a twitch action or an underwater walk the dog. I picked up a few lures and got with our enthusiast editor, Cal, to pick a lake where we could target both species in tandem.


Though small the finishes are just as good as the larger versions


Real World Test: To test the new Pointer 65sp we decided to head to Lake Camanche which is regularly stocked with trout and also has a population of Florida strain largemouth, spots, and smallies. To fish the new diminutive pointer I used both baitcasting rods with 10lb Trilene Big Game mono and spinning gear with 6lb Toray fluorocarbon.


A triple pack of trout patterns


When we arrived at Camanche we found the lake was extremely low, the lack of rain here in Northern California had not been kind to the lake and we had to launch from a secondary location. Areas once completely covered by water were now jutting out as peninsulas or islands right in the middle of the lake. Everything we knew about the lake could be thrown right out the window, it was going to be a whole new ball game.


The 65sp next to a standard 100 size pointer looks tiny


Casting: Casting traditional 100 size pointers is a no brainer, but the new 65sp is so light that casting distance is not what you might expect with a jerkbait. The lure features brass weights which help anglers cast but are more designed to impart proper action on the lure. I found that casting with a baitcaster was possible but the 10lb Big Game line that I was using was slightly too heavy, I could cast, just not very far. I switched out to spinning gear and with 6lb line the lure casted beautifully.


One of many spotted bass caught with the Pointer 65sp


I’ve always felt much more confident fishing with baitcasting gear simply because I feel like I can better position lures. If you’re like me and prefer baitcasting to spinning then simply downsize your line to 8lb, and try and pick a supple brand, and the pointer 65sp will cast just fine.


To target trout we mix it up with the American Shad pattern


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