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Featured Article: Show Coverage

Japan's International Sportfishing Show 2008

Date: 2/12/08
Location: Yokohama, Japan
Guest Author: Japan Pro Fishing Shop
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Perhaps a sign of the slowing international economy, Japan's International Sportfishing Show was less exciting this year than in years past. There were fewer manufacturers on display. Still, the stalwarts of the industry had quite a few things to show and the Shimano and Daiwa booths, in particular were the busiest of the lot.

Though labeled as an invasive species several years ago, black bass still garner a lot of Japanese Tackle Manufacturers' focus

Daiwa: Celebrating their 50th year, Daiwa introduces a special 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Exist 2506 and Millionaire ICV 100R/100L. Both reels are set to debut in August and will retail for approximately 120,750 JPY and 59,800 JPY respectively.

Daiwa Celebrates 50 years in the tackle industry

The 50th Anniversary Limited Edition Exist 2506 (120,750 JPY)


Also new this year for Daiwa will be the TD Zillion PE Line Special designed for saltwater use and the Alphas R-Edition. Both reels are expected to debut in March and will retail for 49,380 JPY and 39,900 JPY respectively


The TD Zillion PE Line Special (49,380 JPY)


The Alphas R-Edition (39,900 JPY)


Shimano: Shimano makes a big splash with the introduction of another new DC reel. This time, the DC technology is delivered in a small, lightweight Mg frame with a simplified, 4 step, learning cast control adjustment. The new Metanium Mg DC is available now in both standard 6.2:1 and high speed 7:1 gear ratios. Both versions retail for 57,750 JPY.


The new Metanium Mg DC

This model features a new 4 step, learning digital control system

Also new from Shimano is the 2008 Twinpower featuring the new spinning reel design debuted with the Stella last year. This reel will retail for 35,700 JPY and is available now in the C2000S size.

The Twinpower C2000S


Deps: Most exciting for Japanese Anglers this year is the company Deps. Here are pictures of their prototype lures he are working on for this coming year.

Deps had many exciting prototype baits on display in their impressive booth

Deps Realizer Jr.

BuzzJet Jr. in Limited Color (yes those are flames)

BuzzJet Jr. in Limited Color

Slide Swimmer 115

The Lo-Fi Jr. is a cross between a plug and a swimbait

Evergreen International: Evergreen continues to excite with new a brand new rod lineup called "Heracles" and an exciting new large bait called "Royal Flash". A lot of anglers are excited about this new lure. No information on release dates are available right now but the bait is expected to retail for 5,250 JPY and the Heracles rods are expected to come in at around 50,000 JPY.

A new line of rods for Evergreen, the Heracles

Prototype Models of these premium rods

A new big bait from Evergreen, the Royal Flash is a quad jointed swimbait

Megabass: There was nothing special from Meagabass this year except for a new, Limited Edition Evoluzion rods called the 777 Limited. There are no signs of new reels for 2008 either.

Megabass exhibited their standard offerings

Hair jigs by Megabass

Jackall: Along with previously announced new rods, Jackall had on display some prototype soft plastic big baits that will excite not only Japanese anglers, but California bass anglers as well. The appearance is very realistic and should garner a lot of attention in the industry.

Poison rods designed specifically for bass fishing

New premium swimbaits

A closer look at some of these soft swimbaits


Conclusion: TackleTour would like to thank Japan Pro Fishing for being our eyes and ears at this year's Japan International Sport Fishing show in Yokohama. We'll bring you continuing news and product announcements as they become available from Japan's top tier manufacturers, and will it not be interesting to see which of these products make it to ICAST 2008 to compete in the US tackle market as well.


Check out more pictures from Japan's International Sport Fishing Show 2008 in the galleries.


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