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Lure Review


The Jackall Dunkle Swimbait Offers Anglers More Rigging Options


Date: 3/16/22
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Jackall
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.16 - GREAT

Introduction: Jackall has steadily grown their reputation across all bait categories but especially in the hardbait and swimbait segments. With proven top sellers like the Gantarel and Rhythm Wave we are always interested to see what comes out from the team at Jackall. The Dunkle is not a new bait in Japan, but it is a recent addition to the U.S. portfolio. The Dunkle is a soft-bodied swimbait that is designed to exhibit a natural swimming action combined with a high water displacing paddle tail design, and features one of the most flexible hook rigging systems available.


Jackall Dunkle Specifications

Type Swimbait
Length 7 inches
Weight 2 1/5 ounces
Material Plastic, pre-rigged with double hook system
Patterns 6+
MSRP $19.99


The Jackall Dunkle in retail packaging. Only the 7" is available in the U.S.


Impressions: Jackall has a much larger portfolio of product than many anglers stateside may realize, and the company works with Shimano America to decide which baits are best suited for anglers here in the U.S. market. The Dunkle is a lure that existed in Japan for a few seasons before being officially introduced here in North America, and is popular in multiple global markets for fishing for bass and other predatory species. For example, in Australia the Dunkle is a popular bait for targeting both Murray Cod and Barramundi. 


The origins of the Dunkle go back Japan where Jackall worked with pro Angler Takuma Hata to create a bait that could adapt to target big fish wherever they are in the water. This effort led to the pre-rigged double hook system.


The Dunkle comes pre-rigged with a harness and dual style frog hook


Here in the U.S. the Dunkle is only available in one size that measures 7" inches in length and weighs in a 2.5 ounces. The bait is available in over 12 different patterns in Japan and about half that many here in the Americas. In Japan there are two other sizes available including the Dunkle 5" and Megalo Dunkle 9", and there are also many more patterns to select from, including a whimsical Shark.


The hook system makes use of a protruding fin which hold the hook in place using tension between the hook wire. This allows the hook to be rigged either on the bottom or on top to fish right off the bottom


Real World Tests: Jackall send a Purple Chartreuse Dunkle for us to check out and after fishing it for a week I decided to purchase three more patterns from Tackle Warehouse. To test the Dunkle swimbaits I fished the baits for just over a season targeting largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass here in our home Northern California waters. I fished the swimbait using mono, braid, and braid with fluorocarbon leader setups.


The Dunkle is best fished with a dedicated swimbait rod that is capable of 1-4ounces or more. Here I am fishing a custom rod built on a "Point Blank" rod blank


Dunk it: The first thing I noticed about the Dunkle was how large the bait was. In pictures online the Dunkle looks smaller than the actual bait which not only has a longer mid section than I expected, but also a thicker head than I originally envisioned. This really is a pretty decent sized soft-bodied swimbait, and weighing 2.5 ounces it is best fished with a dedicated swimbait rod that is rated 1-4 ounces, or even a heavier rod rated 2-6 ounces.


The Dunkle is Jackall's offering to combat the popular Megabass Magdraft, and features a pre-rigged free swinging hook design that makes use of friction to stay in place instead of a slot and magnet.


Rigged in standard configuration and ready for battle


Besides the rigging mechanism the two baits do differ quite a bit in profile. While both lures are molded around an internal harness system and have a flat paddle tail design they look like completely different baitfish styles. The Magdraft features a much more streamlined profile that mimics trout or shad while the Dunkle has a much larger head that more resembles a large minnow or juvenile sunfish.


Notice how wide the head and body of the Dunkle are

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