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Featured Article: Show Coverage

The Swimbait Craze was in full effect as new baits were showcased at the Sacramento ISE

Date: 1/21/07
Location: Sacramento, CA
Admission: Adults: 12 Dollars 
Kids 12 and under: Free
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: The swimbait craze is upon us with manufacturers offering up their interpretation of big fish baits left and right, but those in the know realize that the truly innovative and most sought after baits are coming out of the West Coast, and for the four short days of the Sacramento ISE, the swimbait party was right here in California!


Ok...so this is actually a real trout that also attended the ISE Sac show, but the event was loaded with quality swimbait manufacturers that have products that will have you and bass guessing which is the real fish


Huddleston: The party was being held over at the SwimbaitNation booth where a few of California’s most prestigious swimbait designers were present to show their wares. The booth was populated with some of the pioneers in the swimbait industry, as well as some up and coming companies exhibiting their sizeable baits. Just a few short months ago, we published our review of the Huddleston Deluxe 8” Trout Swimbait. I guess no one bothered to tell Ken Huddleston! Apparently, he had only just read it a couple of weeks ago.


It was quite the honor to be able and meet one of the swimbait industry’s pioneers, Ken Huddleston


Our friend, Tom LeoGrande, Editor of BassWest Magazine, introduced us to the Master himself who proudly showed us a limited color version of his bait, juvenile trout, that he painted specifically for this show. These special baits were signed and numbered right on the tail. At the show consumers were hunting for the first numbered baits, and number 1 through 20 were long gone well before we ever entered the booth.


Ken Huddleston painted a limited number of his famous bait in this juvenile trout pattern especially for this show


Ken went on to tell us he has a new, smaller bait in the works patterned after a shad. The bait is in its final testing phases now and we look forward to hearing and seeing more of this new bait as it becomes available.


Each of the baits in this limited edition color were individually numbered and initialed by Ken Huddleston

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