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Event Article: 2008 ISE Sacramento

The ISE Sacramento show continues the rise of the big bait trend with bigger sticks (continued)

Dobyns Rods: What happens when you put a professional bass fisherman developing his own line of rods together with a TackleTour editor testing out a potentially hot new bait on said rods? We caught up with Gary Dobyns who walked us over to his 2008 Ranger tour boat so he could show us what hes been working on since our trip to Clear Lake where he first saw the bait and actually ended up going home with Cals Black Dog Baits Lunker Punker test lure.


The Black Dog Lunker Punker was the inspiration for the newest big stick from Dobyns rods

So enamored with that bait is Dobyns, yet frustrated over not being able to find just the right fit in his lineup to throw and work that and other similar big, topwater swimbaits, hes fast at work at a new creation. Right now, hes calling it the 795ML Mag Topwater because it is basically his 795ML swimbait rod with the reel seat moved back to create a 9 instead of 13.5 handle.

The stick features EVA grips and a shortened grip for a balance of casting leverage and proper movement for imparting action on topwater lures like the Punker

Code name for this work in progress is The Punker Rod because that bait is the sole inspiration for this new stick. The final version of this rod may end up being a tad shorter to facilitate that twitch-twitch cadence needed to work big topwater plugs but hes going back and forth on that decision.

The stick features a hook hanger to hold big baits

His expected release date is March or April of this year, and it is set to retail at $199. When asked if the rod will come with a complimentary Lunker Punker in celebration of his affinity for this bait, Dobyns chose not to comment other than to say, No Cal, youre not getting yours back!

Gary holds up his new stick armed with the lure it is intended for

Daiwa: We caught up with Daiwa again to check in and see what was a top seller in between the San Mateo and Sacramento shows and was surprised to hear that the number one seller was their Megaforce reel which comes armed with their "Twitchin' Bar." 

The Daiwa Megaforce offers a lot of features for not a whole lot of money

This composite based baitcaster offers anglers a ultra high speed 7.1:1 retrieve and Daiwa's revolutionary Twitchin' Bar at a price that will suit any angler's budget. A simple touch of the thumb lets you pick up seven inches of slack line instantly or impart a subtle twitching action to a jig or plastic worm.

We caught up with Frank who explained how well the Megaforce was being received at the shows

The retrieve is so fast on this reel that it is possible to actually work topwater lures with this reel, and bringing life to baits like spooks has never been easier. The Megaforce may not be as refined as it's popular baitcasting siblings but it is hard to argue what a good value the reel is, and with a price point of only 59 dollars for a 5BB+1RB reel I guess it really isn't that hard to believe that the Megaforce has been flying off the shelves.

A final look at the affordable Megaforce, the only 7.1:1 reel with so many features and a sub 60 dollar price point

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