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ICAST 2011 Coverage

ICAST 2011 - Owner America Corporation Innovates with the JigRig


Date: 7/14/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Owner America Corp
Reviewer: Cal






Introduction: In past years we were surprised to see Owner venture into the soft bait market. We had always thought of them as a terminal tackle company. This year, when we met up with Dennis Yamamoto, we were half expecting to see a new grub, lizard, or other soft bait, but were surprised again to see the only new introductions for 2012 they had to show us was some exciting new terminal tackle.


Owner's new JigRig.


JigRig: Owner's new Jig Rig is a product already being built, sold, and fished in Japan. It features a slim profile weight attached to a light wire, ewg hook via a solid, metal ring. The advantage of this design is it allows your bait to rise up off the bottom just a little more than similar products attached to a football or other jighead style lead weight.


The slim profile weight is attached to the hook via a split ring and solid wire to facilitate swapping the weight for something else should the angler choose.


Additionally, this rig enables more precision casting thanks to the weight's inertia taking over on the cast and actually pulling the attached bait through the air, rather than having your bait lead or interfere with the weight mid-air as it might with a Texas rig


The weight gives the bait a different action even raising it off the bottom at times.


It will be available in both lead and tungsten and retail for anywhere from seven to twelve dollars and fifty cents.


JigRig Specifications

Hook Sizes
Qty per Package
JigRig - Lead
1/0 : 3/0 : 5/0
3/16 : 3/16 : 1/4
$7 : $8 : $9
JigRig - Tungsten
1/0 : 3/0 : 5/0
3/16 : 3/16 : 1/4
$10 : $11 : $12.50

Round Welded Rings: Saltwater anglers after big game know the advantages of round wire welded rings versus solid steel rings and can now have them with Owner who will be offering their new, round welded rings in sizes 4 through 7. They will be sold in packs of 10 for $5.50.

It can even have the effect of making the bait look like it's dancing off the bottom like a very short drop shot rig.

Stinger Siwash Hook: Offered with an open eye, the Stinger Siwash Hook is built as a replacement hook on any bait needing single hook with a deep-throat gap. It features a needle point and a black chrome finish and is made 3x strong yet still with a closeable eye once installed. They will be available in sizes from a #1 through 5/0 in packs of seven to four depending on the hook size all for $7.00.

Product from this manufacturer, their terminal tackle especially, never lets us down.

Conclusion: Owner kept it simple with this year's introductions yet we're anxious to get our hands on the JigRig once it becomes available. Product from this manufacturer, their terminal tackle especially, never lets us down in terms of quality and innovation.









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