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ICAST 2021 Coverage


KastKing Makes Higher-End Reels that are Still Accessible to All Anglers. Meet the MegaJaws


Date: 8/3/21
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Kastking
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Refinement and speed are two highly-desirable traits when it comes to fishing reels. From fighting fish to simply reeling in your rig for another cast, everybody loves a reel that delivers performance and efficiency along with a quality feel. This year, KastKing’s new products include reels which are designed to perform at higher levels. Admittedly, KastKing is not a brand I was extremely familiar with, so a swing by the booth was in order to get the scoop on exactly what they’ve been up to.


KastKing is known for delivering quality reels at very affordable prices


Demon Elite Spinning Reel: Whether it’s drop-shotting in 40 feet of water or skipping shallow docks with a wacky rig, a fast spinning reel allows you to rapidly retrieve your rig which equals more presentations throughout the day. Boasting 7.4:1 gear ratios and retrieve ratings of 38.6 inches-per-turn (2000 size) and 42.1 inches-per-turn (3000 size), the new KastKing Speed Demon Elite Spinning Reels deliver some serious efficiency.


The Demon Elite is a compact yet very fast spinning reel


KastKing has loaded up these reels with other features which included CNC-machined aluminum alloy bodies and side covers, carbon fiber rotors, anodized aluminum spools, hardened machined main gears, machined aluminum handles with eva knobs, and 10 + 1 MaxiDur double-shielded stainless bearings. Each reel is also said to offer powerful carbon fiber drag setups with up to 17.6 pounds of pressure on tap. The 2000 size weighs 8.9 ounces while the 3000 model hits the scales at 9.1 ounces. These reels are available now at a price of $99.99.


The Demon Elite casting reel delivers a lot for only $119 dollars


Demon Elite Casting Reel: These aluminum-framed reels weigh just 6.7 ounces and come in 8.6:1 ratios (34 inches per turn) or crazy-fast 10.5:1 ratios (42 inches per turn) for rapid retrieves. Inside the reel, KastKing built the Demon Elites with features like an aluminum main gear, a pinion gear supported by two bearings, and a powerful carbon drag exerting up to 18 pounds of force. Of note, a couple unique design aspects include the tapered “funnel” line guide for smoother casts, a line memory dial which allows you to keep track of what line is spooled onto the reel, and a centrifugal braking system with external dial for fine-tuned adjustments. Each gear ratio is offered in both a Right or Left hand retrieve. These reels are available now for $119.99.


Probably the signature casting reel in the KastKing lineup is the instantly recognizable MegaJaws


MegaJaws Elite Casting Reel: Sporting a highly-palmable design, the MegaJaws Elite Casting Reels are said to weigh just 6.3 ounces thanks to the aluminum frame with carbon fiber sideplate construction. Brimming with features, some of the key aspects include an aluminum main gear, drag stack capable of producing up to 17.6 pounds of pressure, a swing-away sideplate, and flipping switch for shallow water convenience.


A look at the KastKing AMB braking system


For us, the most intriguing feature of these reels is the AMB or Auto Magnetic Braking system. Basically, this is a spring-loaded centrifugal braking system that is designed with two opposing springs (two heavy, two light). As a cast is made, all of the springs expand outward, but as the casting speed slows the stronger springs retract first followed by the other two as the spool slows further. For even more control, there’s also an exterior magnetic braking dial so you can really get precise with your settings.


An extremely fast and feature-rich reel for only $120 dollars


There will be a red version with 9.1:1 ratio and gunmetal with 7.3:1 ratio. This reel is expected to be out anywhere from later this year through spring 2022 with pricing around $120.


A new MegaJaws spinning reel joins the lineup


MegaJaws Elite Spinning Reel: Alongside the casting version is the MegaJaws Elite spinning reel. This reel is built with a “Uni-frame” one-piece aluminum body which KastKing says allows the gears to “...perfectly align with two frame ball bearings, 100% perpendicular with main shaft providing the smoothest spinning reel available today.”


Designed to be refined, smooth, and it is hard to believe this reel is only $129 dollars. KastKing continues to make quality reels more accessible to all anglers


Along with a hard aluminum main gear, 10+1 bearings, one-piece bail, and lightweight carbon-fiber rotor, this reel puts out up to 12 pounds of power thanks to its carbon drag stack. Weighing just 6.5 ounces, this reel should match up nicely to your favorite lightweight spinning rod. Just a 2500 size spinning reel will be available to start. These are expected to launch just after the MegaJaws Elite Casting Reels and should be priced around $129. As usual KastKing is making quality product accessible to anglers.









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