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Product Preview


Megabass of America's New Baits for 2021


Date: 7/21/20
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Earlier this year, we learned of Megabass of America's plans to bring to North American Shores the JDM lineup of Destroyer P5 fishing rods featuring a unique, 5D graphite system to build the blanks. Never one to shy away from new, intriguing tech, Megabass continues on that trend in their new product introductions for 2021.


The OneTen MAX LBO measures 5.3"


OneTen MAX LBO: You know Megabass is going all in with their patented linear bearing oscillation system (LBO) when they incorporate it in their flagship bait, the Vision OneTen. The OneTen MAX LBO features the updated, second version of the company's patented moving balancer system and is actually a physically larger bait than the original OneTen. Measuring five and a third inches (5.3") in length and weighing three quarters of an ounce (3/4oz), and is expected to be available in March 2021 with a retail price of $26.99.


Z-Crank is now a hard plastic, mini crankbait with LBO II

Z-Crank LBO: Also coming in March 2021 is a refresh of Megabass's Z-Crank line. Formerly a wooden crankbait, the new Z-Crank LBO will be a small, two inch (2"), one quarter ounce (1/4oz) crank tuned with the same LBO II technology found in the new OneTen MAX LBO, Deep-X 100 & 200, and iXi Shad baits. It will come in two versions, the Z-1, and Z-2 built to dive to six and ten feet respectively. We can expect twelve standard colors in the new Z-Crank lineup with a retail price of $19.99.

The Big-M family gets a shallow running sibling

Big-M 2.0: Already available, but still relatively new is a shallow running version of Megabass's lure of unusual size crankbait, the Big-M. The new, 2.0 version compliments the established 4.0 and 7.5, weighing two ounces and rated for depths of up to six feet. The Big-M 2.0 features a new, patented, Scoop Bill that causes the bait to have a rolling, flashing action as it is retrieved in the water while exhibiting a surprisingly low pulling resistance for a lure of its size. It is being offered in eighteen standard colors and retails for $27.99.

The Big-M 2.0's Scoop Bill causes the bait to roll and flash as it's retrieved

Vision OneTen +1, responsible for the 2020 BassMaster Classic Win gets a smaller, "Jr." sized variant

Vision OneTen +1 Jr: Leveraging the recent success of its larger sibling's winning performance at this past year's BassMaster Classic, the new Vision OneTen +1 Jr. is built to entice pre-spawn bass in a smaller package. Measuring three and seven eights of an inch (3 7/8") and weighing just three eights of an ounce (3/8oz), it is tuned to run at up to seven feet in depth and dart in the same erratic fashion as the original bait. On a straight retrieve, the Vision OneTen +1 Jr. swims with a high pitch roll flashing its sides to attract hungry bass. Availability is expected in November of this year with a retail price of $19.99.

Megabass puts their spin on the buzzbait with their Jamaica Boa

Jamaica Boa: With their latest take on the ubiquitous buzzbait, Megabass combines a new prop, skirt, and head design to create their Jamaica Boa. This will be a half ounce buzzbait made with a prop designed to turn effortlessly together with a uniquely shaped skirt and custom designed, backward weighted, rattling head. The end result promises to create a commotion and annoyance on the water's surface to annoy mean tempered fish into striking. Retail price is set at $15.99 and availability by August of 2020.

The unique head design of Megabass's Jamaica Boa

Over 30 years in the making, the SV-3 incorporates all Megabass has learned in spinnerbait design

SV-3: Of course, any new buzzbait intro deserves a new spinnerbait to compliment. Megabass recognizes this symbiosis and is set to introduce the SV-3, a new spinnerbait featuring new head, wire, blade, and skirt designs curated over thirty years to ensure consistent performance at any speed. It will be offered in five weights from one quarter ounce through three quarters of an ounce (1/4oz - 3/4oz) and four different blade configurations. Ten head and skirt color combinations will be offered with retail price set at $12.99. Expect the SV-3 to land this coming Fall.

Time to tie on some new Megabass baits, toss them out, and see what we can crank up!

From new and refreshed baits to exotic JDM rods, we can always count on Megabass to entice us with new, enthusiast level product. I'm not even caught up on 2020's new product from this manufacturer let alone ready for 2021, but I'm certainly excited to see how many of these products fare when tied to the end of my line.









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