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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Sunline's New "Reaction" Fluorocarbon


Date: 8/4/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Sunline
Reviewer: Cal

Fluorocarbon continues to be one of the more controversial line choices amongst bass anglers today. Few can justify the cost and even more continue to be skeptical of any actual advantages. Yet even with all the skepticism and complaints surrounding longevity, most professional bass fisherman we speak to continue to rely on fluorocarbon during the most critical of situations. Namely when finesse fishing.


Sunline is one of the leaders in Japan for fishing line.


This year, with our "What the Finesse" theme, I've been fishing the great majority of the time with fluorocarbon, but I'm in the minority of those who like the poor handling, memory intensive brands because I feel they afford me a great deal of sensitivity over mono without the visibility issues of braid. Add on top of that, the obvious increased abrasion resistance and I can forego a little loss in knot strength by compensating for that with a properly set drag. You need to understand your tools to best take advantage of their benefits.


Their Reaction Fluorocarbon line is so new, this is as far as they got with packaging and labels.


But that's when we're talking about finesse fishing with vertical presentations, light line, small hooks, and finesse style worms. When I'm rigging up for a reaction bite, I more often than not choose braid or nylon monofilament. Enter Sunline's planned introduction for 2012 - reaction bait fluorocarbon.

Two spools is all they had out.

Sure sounds like an oxymoron to me, but Sunline is convinced they've found the right mix between manageability and sensitivity to make their new reaction bait fluorocarbon a go. It's so new in fact, there's no name associated with the product yet other than "Reaction".

This blue color, according to Sunline's science team, is closer to the refraction index of clear water, than clear fluorocarbon.

Conclusion: The science of fishing line is one of the more mysterious aspects of the fishing industry. So much research and marketing spin goes into a product that you're never sure of what to believe until you get a chance to spool the line onto your reel and try it out for a few casts. One thing is for certain with Sunline's new reaction fluorocarbon line. Just by initial inspection between my fingers, I can tell, they have something here. The extrusion is super smooth and consistent, and the manageability of the line is impressive. If this really is 100 percent fluorocarbon, it will certainly not be the last we've heard of this line. Target time to market is January 2012.









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