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ICAST 2011 Coverage

ICAST 2011 : Iaconelli's New "Lover", by Molix


Date: 7/19/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal

If you've been paying attention, you'll have noticed, Molix has finally made it to North America. This Italian based company's product began shipping earlier this year and just before ICAST, debuted on the web pages of TackleWarehouse. We caught up with Mike Iaconelli so he could share with us, news of his new "Lover".


Mike Iaconelli tells us about his new Lover, by Molix Baits


Introducing the "Lover" by Molix Baits, available in January 2012.


Lampo Jerk Bait: We'll let Ike take care of introductions to his new Lover above. We move on to the Lover's cousin, Molix's Lampo Jerkbait. This new, 3 inch shad profiled bait is designed to swim with a wide gliding action and comes with a blade in the middle of the bait to reflect light, create a flash, and trigger strikes. Availability is expected in January 2012 and the Lampo will retail for $15.99.


The Lampo Jerk is a new take on jerk baits.


With a tall, shad like body, this bait features a blade in the middle to provide a flash of light on every change of direction.


Vorax Vib: Another new bait for Molix this coming year is a combo blade and lipless crank in the Vorax Vib. The head of the bait is all lipless crank complete with rattles while the rear body of the bait is all metal blade bait complete with two position mounts through which to attach your snap and line. The result is a bait with a very unique vibration. It measures 3.8 inches, and will weigh in at just under one ounce (27 grams). Retail price is expected to land somewhere in the #14.99 - $18.99 range.

The Vorax Vib is a combo blade and lipless crank bait.

The front section is made of plastic and houses the weights and rattles, while the rear section is an old school metal blade bait.

Virago Shad: Already a popular bait style in Italy, Molix brings over the Virago shad in both the 5" and 2" sizes for a more finesse style paddletail bait presentation. Each bait is individually hand painted. Rig it in your favorite finesse fashion. They will come in 6 packs and retail for $9.49 per pack.

The new Virago comes in two sizes: 5" shown here, and 2" shown below.

Each bait is individually hand painted.

One last parting glance at Ike's new Lover, by Molix.


Conclusion: Molix is one company that promises to make noise in the coming years. We already have their Super Nato in for review and so far so good. Now with a host of new products coming to the North America, looks like we're going to be busy getting to know this company a little better.









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