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ICAST 2011 Coverage

ICAST 2011 : Kahara's new mini frog is tiny


Date: 7/18/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Kahara
Reviewer: Cal

We first saw Kahara's product at ICAST 2010. We were enamored with their aluminum fishing pliers sculpted to fit in your hand and complete with a carrying holster all for just $49. This year, Kahara extended that line with some new colors and options as well as an intriguing new bait.


Kahara's ergonomic pliers now come in green and silver.


There will be a couple of different jaw options.


Pliers: Kahara is now offering their quality pliers in green anodized as well as purple. There will be a couple of different jaw configurations including one with a split ring tool at the end. The price is still the same, $49 for these light, sculpted, solid feeling pliers.


But what really excited us was this miniature frog bait.


Measuring in at right around two inches, it has the same stout hardware as a regular sized frog - just smaller.


Mini-Frog: New for this year is a miniature frog bait by Kahara. These baits measure right around two inches and feature the same, stout frog hooks but in a diminutive size. With a complete array of colors planned, naming of the bait is still up in the air but delivery is expected by the beginning of 2012.

And they come in a full array of colors.

You can get a better sense for the scale of these baits here.

Conclusion: We came to see what was up with their tools and stayed for the new frog bait. Kahara is yet another manufacturer under the Optimum import umbrella making quality products at reasonable prices with no sacrifice in workmanship. Stay tuned for more information as those frogs become available. Zander already has his order in!









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