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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Evergreen International... the tease continues, for now


Date: 7/27/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Evergreen International
Reviewer: Cal

It's like a tease every year when we see Evergreen International on the floor. It's no secret we appreciate their product, and they know the demand is there, but they are still carefully working through the best strategy to import their products. Toshiya Hashimoto, President of Evergreen International updates us that they now plan to start with their lures, see how things go, and then they will consider bringing over their rods.


The Gold Digger is new for 2012.


A deep diving rip bait with Evergreen's custom touches.


Since we have no further news as to pricing and availability considering distribution has yet to be worked out, we're just going to extend the tease and show you product that's out there, but that you just can't quite get your hands on - yet.


We've been fishing the original Shower Blows for sometime now and new for the coming year is the Shower Blows Shorty - a smaller version of this very effective lure.


The Shorty is right-sized for most bass anglers and is 2cm shorter than the original.

Following on that downsize theme is the new Royal Flash Jr.

The Royal Flash Jr. measures a full 13cm as compared to the 16cm length of the original.

But you know, whether they are coming or not, our real interest lies in the rods.

The Airregius 7 is new for the coming year and is a 7' medium light powered rod, but there's more...

The Airregius has micro guides!

This is the first JDM production rod we've seen with micro-guide technology.

Shaun Bailey was anxious to show us this stick.. the Torquata 7.

It's a full glass cranking stick within the Heracles lineup.

A full glass rod with the weight and blank diameter of a graphite stick!

We're more than ready for Evergreen International to finally land in North America.

Conclusion: So now we know that we have to endure at least another year without Evergreen International having an official presence here in North America. Their product is far from a secret, and we're doing everything we can to keep you up to date on their offerings, but we, as I am sure you, are more than ready for them to get the legalities out of the way and just bring the product over - in crate loads. On the bright side of things, we do have some of their lures queued up for publication in the coming months, so stay tuned to find out more about the Evergreen mystique.









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