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ICAST 2011 Coverage

ICAST 2011 : More for Bass to Bite at Big Bite Baits


Date: 7/26/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Big Bite Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Dean Rojas's win at the B.A.S.S. Battle of the Bayou back in April of 2011 really helped put Big Bite Baits on every plastic chucking bass angler's radar nationwide. We caught up with Mike Valster at ICAST 2011 to see what else this company has been up to.


The Shaking Squirrel will come in 4.5 and 6 inch lengths.


Shaking Squirrel: Jeff Kreit is another big name pro using Big Bite Baits and they're debuting a new finesse worm under his signature series of baits. The Shaking Squirrel is going to be made in 4.5 and 6 inch lengths and is patterned after the Western style straight tail worm. Available in 11 different colors, the 4.5 inch size will come in packs of 12 while the 6 inch size will come in packs of 10. Both will retail for approximately $2.79.


The new Wacky Stick from Big Bite Baits.


Wacky Stick: Wacky rigging Senko-style stick baits is not a secret technique but just about every angler has their unique way of reinforcing their baits to increase their usefulness. One of the more popular methods of accomplishing just that is by using a rubber o-ring around the bait and then sliding your hook under the o-ring.

Comes with an integrated o-ring for wacky rigging.

Well now, Big Bite Baits has their own, out of the package interpretation of this modification. They've created the Wacky Stick - a stick bait featuring an o-ring pre-installed INSIDE the bait! It's so obvious, yet no one else has done it. It also looks very fragile but testing it out on the floor of ICAST, the rings actually stay in there really well. It takes a lot to pull one off the ring. For now, they are made in 5 inch sizes only but will be available in 8 different colors and be sold in packs of 7 for right around $4.49.

The new 6 inch Stick Tail.

Stick Tail: Taking the concept of a stick bait one step further, Big Bite Baits, extended the length of their 5 inch stick bait by one inch with the addition of a thin, ribbed tail. The tail section gives the Stick Tail more bass teasing action than the original giving anglers yet another weapon to tempt finicky bass.

Michael Valster shows us what's new with Big Bite Baits.

Conclusion: Bit Bite Baits may still be relatively new to us here at TackleTour, but they're making us stand up and take notice. We've already added several of their products to our review queue. In the meantime, look for these new introductions to hit tackle store shelves sometime later this Fall or early this coming Winter.









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