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Featured Article: Show Coverage

TackleTour's "Best of Show" storage, lures, innovations, and watercraft

Date: 7/28/02
Location Las Vegas, NV
Admission Buyers/Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Our final day of ICAST 2002 coverage includes a wealth of Best of Show products that include flexible storage solutions, new lures, exciting innovations, and feature packed watercraft.

The "Best of Show" storage solutions, lures, innovations and watercraft: The following are manufacturers at ICAST that really stood out by displaying something unique and/or truly exciting.


Jeff Jost, President (right), and Dan Moynihan, Director of Marketing (left) showcase a booth full of flexible high quality tackle storage solutions

Albackore (storage solutions): Three weeks ago Albackore blew our socks off with the introduction of their flexible and feature packed Albackore II fishing bag. So good in fact that the Albackore II was awarded TackleTour's Editor's Choice Award. Never one to rest on their laurels Jeff Jost, President, and Dan Moynihan, Director of Marketing, showed us samples of their newest tackle solutions. Most exciting of all was a new "Bass King" bag designed specifically for Bass Anglers. This new bag (shown above) features many of the same innovations we saw from the Albackore II with a new quick draw velcro system that holds transparent or netted bags, perfect for a variety of lures. This new system allows Bass Angler's increased control over the lures they want to reach quickly.

In addition Albackore will be introducing branded "fish clips" useful for strapping items to the bags and also as keychains, and also the nicest license holder we have ever seen! With so many exciting products in the lineup, anglers that appreciate premium tackle solutions full of features and flexibility are in for a real treat.

Casey Sowers, President, took time to show us the latest hi-tech Yo-zuri lures that included new "hardcore" lures featuring the advanced magnet transfer system

Yo-zuri (lures): Casey Sowers, President of GBS Distribution..the exclusive distributor of Yo-Zuri, showcased the entire line of high quality Yo-Zuri products that includes the new "Hardcore" series which really caught our attention. We have had experience with the highly effective Yo-Zuri magnetic transfer system, and was very pleased to see the technology implemented on down-sized crankbaits. Casey explained that the weight transfer system in these new hardcore baits serves three purposes: 1) Maximizing distance and accuracy, 2) On the retrieve the weight shifts to center providing perfectly balanced swimming action, 3) The weights also emit subtle attention getting rattles and vibration. Casey was kind enough to provide 2 transparent samples so we could examine the entire system and get a first hand account of how these new hardcore lures function. From our initial tests we just have one word to describe the new hardcore baits....AWESOME! 

New Doc Water's Helix lures feature a unique spiral light refracting shape that when moved has a unique action to imitate the motion and flash of wounded prey.

Doc Waters (lures): One of the most exciting plastic lures at the show comes from newcomer "Doc Waters" lure company. Doc prescribes a series of exciting new lures that includes a weighted swivel hook, and the new Helix lures. The Helix is a spiraled plastic worm that has a unique movement that mimics wounded prey. To further increase effectiveness Doc Waters also produces a highly concentrated Bass Attractant called "Stink." Perhaps most notable about the attractant is the unique sponged tipped applicator and valve that loads the sponged when pressed against the lure. No more getting that pungent attractant all over the boat.

Real Lures features the most realistic looking lures that can be customized based on the environment your fishing in. The lure in the right hand corner has been colored with permanent marker  

Real Lures (Lures): Real Lures has developed a series of new plastic lures that very closely resemble real shrimp, crayfish, and crabs. The interesting thing about these detailed lures is that come transparent and can be customized with any permanent marker. With a little creativity these lures can be adapted to look just like the natural prey in the environment you are fishing in.

Rodney Williams, President, shows the 3rd Grip in action. Comfortable and durable the 3rd grip can be used for many applications including shore, boat, float tube, and surf fishing

3rd Grip (Innovations): Rodney Williams, President of 3rd Grip, has designed an innovative tool that is your own personal rod holster. With a unique patented design the 3rd Grip can attach to your lower leg and provides a convenient place to holster your pole, knife, and pliers. This is perfect when you land a fish and need a quick place to put your rod while keeping it in a upright position as you remove the lure. Shore anglers can stand or sit with the rod held at the perfect angle. In addition the 3rd grip comes with a versatile accessory strap that allows you to use the holster on your hip, or as a rod holder on a float tube! This innovative product costs only 19.99, and might just be your new favorite fishing partner!

Daniel Morken, President) and Becky Morton, Communications Director showed us just how it easy it was to forever eliminate bird nesting in junior angler tackle with their innovative Tackle Tamer kit.


Tangle Tamer (Innovations): Apex Outfitters has designed a product that any parent is sure to appreciate. This innovative product is called the Tangle Tamer. Daniel and Becky Morton walked us through the 2 minute installation of the Tackle Tamer which forever eliminates bird nesting in junior angler tackle. The majority of all problems young anglers encounter are due to line tangles in the upper portion of the rod. The Tangle Tamer uses a transparent tube that extends through all the guides to the tip of spincast reel. Interestingly, this innovation also can be adapted for traditional tackle so that as younger anglers graduate to more advanced tackle they can still benefit from tangle free performance thanks to the Tamer. What the Tangle Tamer truly does is provide a better experience for young anglers, and more time for dad to do some fishing on his own, now that he doesn't have to worry about working out all those nests!

The Rhino 10 is an affordable pontoon boat packed full of features

Pelican Boats (Watercraft): Pelican boats has come a long way in the design and manufacture of their mini pontoon boats since we first looked at the Bass Tracker 8 a year ago. Pelican's new Pontoon boat the Rhino 10 brings the idea of the "mini bass boat" to reality with an affordable rigid platform that sports built in rod holders, a covered battery box, live well, padded seats, drink holders, deck draining, and pre-wiring for the trolling motor/fish finder. While not the most portable solution, the Rhino 10 is perfect for those who want great stability from a boat which can fit in the back of a truck or on top of a SUV.


John Hoge, Vice President of Sea Eagle and Panther Martin showed us the extremely diverse solutions that ranged from the affordable "surf mat" to the "Fisherman's dream kit." John also introduced us to the popular Panther Martin spinners in new holographic colors (lower right)

Sea Eagle (Watercraft): Harrison Hoge Industries is the parent company to some of the most recognizable fishing branded products including Panther Martin, and the ever popular Sea Eagle boats. This year John Hoge, Vice President, showed us an extremely diverse range of products. Sea Eagle boats impressed us earlier this year with the very flexible Paddleski. At ICAST John proved to us that Sea Eagle produces a boat for every occasion. Sea Eagle is known for ultra-portable boats that are durable, flexible in application, and yet are amazingly affordable. To show us just how vast the Sea Eagle line was John walked us through products that ranged from a fun "surf mat" to top selling Kayaks, and well appointed fishing boats.


In addition, we were introduced to old favorites like Panther Martin spinners and Superior frogs in new transparent and holographic colors. Overall Harrison Hoge Industries sported the greatest range of products at the show.

Conclusion: ICAST was quite a show, and though it wasn't open to the public it was a great opportunity for manufacturers to show off a variety of products to buyers and the press. TackleTour wants to thank everyone at the show, especially the 8 manufacturers above that really got our attention with products that allow us to fish longer, more effectively, and easier. All of the manufacturers above have products that are real winners thanks to intelligent design, high quality construction, and prices that make it possible for all anglers to get in on the latest and greatest solutions that help make fishing the great sport it is today.

Thanks for a great show guys!









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