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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Yozuri Pitches a Knuckle-Bait


Date: 7/24/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Yozuri
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: This ICAST we were on the lookout for an interesting lure in the wire-bait class, which is not always easy to find. Yo-Zuri stepped up to the plate and pitched anglers a new style wire bait called the Knuckle Bait.


This isn't a spinnerbait, it is a Knuckle Bait


On the mound: Everyone loves a fastball but sometimes you just have to mix it up to win the game and Yozuri did exactly that when they designed the 3DB Series Knuckle Bait, a new take on a traditional spinnerbait, only without any spinning blades. In place of blades the Knuckle Bait implements a weighted ball that gives the lure a erratic wobbling action, like a knuckle ball thrown from the pitcher's mound. 


The Knuckle Bait comes with two ball options, the sound ball is pictured here and gives the lure a loud rattle which is designed to make it effective in stained and murky water


The Knuckle Bait is more aerodynamic than fluttering blades and can be cast longer distances, and with greater accuracy. There are two different ball configurations, a 3D prism ball to create more flash and a sound ball that generates a loud rattle sound in the water. Imagine a noisy wire bait that can be effective in stained and murky water conditions, now that is cool!


The 3D Prism Ball generates flash in the water


The Knuckle Ball is designed to be more versatile than a traditional spinnerbait and yet can be ripped through vegetation just as easily, but that is where the similarities end.


The Knuckle Bait can be slow rolled on the bottom, deflected off structure, waked across the surface, and perhaps most interesting of all it also sits upright when sitting motionless on the bottom, so that it can be fished like a traditional jig.


One of the most interesting characteristics about this bait is that it sits upright at rest and can be fished like a jig


The Knuckle Ball is armed with a proprietary round bend black nickel hook and is dressed with a durable vinyl skirt that matches the head of each bait. The Knuckle Bait will be offered in seven different patterns, 3 Sound Ball and 4 3D Prizm Ball varieties, and each retailing for $7.99 when they become available in a few weeks.


Thanks to Chris Brown for showing us what the Knuckle Ball is all about


The Knuckle Ball is a very interesting new wire bait. It is hard to innovate in this class of lure and yet Yozuri has done exactly that. This bait is different enough to be in a class by itself, and just the versatility that this lure offers is reason enough to get anglers excited to pitch a Knuckle Bait.   









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