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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Lunkerhunt Prop Frog and Prop Fish Really Churn


Date: 7/13/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Lunkerhunt
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: There is just something magical about a hollow bodied frog, maybe it is how realistic they look, perhaps it is just the allure of those explosive topwater strikes, or is it just because they are just plain fun to fish? It seems every year a new topwater bait gets everyone excited and this year in the soft bait category it was Lunkerhunt.


The Lunkerhunt Frog combines a traditional hollow bodied frog with a prop bait into one realistic looking package


Prop Frog: The lure that won the soft bait category this year was Lunkerhunt's Prop Frog. This new bait blends multiple lure types together into a realistic looking frog bait that can be churned over cover. It was hard not to envision an array of different situations where this frog could be effective on our home water the second I picked the bait up.


A look at the back of the frog and you can see the legs extending to the prop sections


The front of the lure is much like a normal hollow bodied frog, a realistic looking one, and the back features extended semi-hard legs with a prop on the end of each leg. This double prop churns as the frog is retrieved, even at relatively slow speeds, making it a good option over cover and open water.


The lure includes a second hook designed to make short strikes not so short


One of the innovative things about this lure is the multi-hook design. It is armed with a traditional frog hook that will expose itself when the body is compressed as well as another hook that is connected to the main hook and extends between the frog's legs so that even short strikes will register.


The lure is weedless and can be fished like a normal hollow bodied frog over cover


Because all three of these hooks are weedless the bait remains effective when worked over cover. There are a total of eight different patterns that closely resemble options in the existing Lunkerhunt Compact Frog family. The new Prop Frog will retail for $8.99 each when it is available this Fall.


The Lunkerhunt Prop Fish (Shad version shown) is another new take on a hollow body/prop hybrid


Prop Fish: Lunkerhunt also introduced another new "prop" style bait called the Prop Fish at the show. The Prop Fish is similar to the Prop Frog in that it has a hollow body main body design followed by a prop, in this case a single prop designed to mimic a splashing tail. Like the Prop Frog the Prop Fish is also designed to be weedless and can be used over open water and cover.


This bait is also weedless and churns the water on top as it is retrieved


The plastic used on the Prop Fish is just as soft as any normal hollow bodied frog and collapses easily to expose the traditional frog style hook. There were limited prototypes at the show but Lunkerhunt will offer twelve different patterns, six of which will be the Sunfish style with a slightly larger profile and a top fin which better mimics bluegill and juvenile crappie, and the other six will be the shad style which features a more compact body to mimic shad and shiners.


B.A.S.S. Pro Angler Chad Pipkins is excited to fish the new topwater Prop Series lures from Lunkerhunt


Like the Prop Frog the new Prop Fish will be available this Fall and retail for $9.99 each. Both of these lures are sure to be highly sought after lures for topwater, and especially frog fishing fanatics, looking for a different way to churn the water and incite those explosive surface strikes in the hunt for lunkers.









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