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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Fast and Furious and Environmentally Friendly? KastKing Does it All


Date: 7/26/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Kastking
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: KastKing, a division of Eposeidon, has been making waves since they won a Best of Show for their modern aluminum framed rod rack. The company offers a complete range of fishing products including new reels and rods for bass fishermen. This year they increased their number of high performance baitcaster offerings as well as introduced a very innovative and environmentally friendly BioSpool packaging. 


Tom Gahan, head of marketing at KastKing, shows us the extremely fast Speed Demon baitcaster


Speed Demon: It didn't seem like all that long ago when we were calling 7:1 reels "burners," and when it comes to retrieve the new KastKing Speed Demon will put other reel's to shame with an extremely fast 9.3:1 retrieve ratio! The Speed Demon is marketed as the "World's Fastest" baitcasting reel by KastKing and is capable of pulling in 37.4" of line with each turn of the handle.


Fast and Furious! A 9.3:1 gear ratio!


The Speed Demon comes loaded with 12+1 ball bearings and a 4 disc carbon fiber drag system that puts out 13.2lbs. of pressure. The reel weighs in at a respectable 8.3oz. and best of all retails for only $69.98! 


Spartacus! Spartacus!


Spartacus, Spartacus!: Is the Speed Demon too fast for you? Maybe too expensive? It is hard to believe KastKing is able to offer an even more aggressively priced reel that you might still be interested to fish, but to that end meet the Spartacus Plus. This baitcaster comes with a more traditional 6.3:1 retrieve ratio and a 11"1 bearing system.


A swept handle with cork grips


The Plus has a massive drag that kicks out 17.1lbs. of pressure and the reel weighs in at only 7.6oz.. The Spartacus Plus is available in both right and left hand retrieve as well. All this for how much you ask? Try $45.95!


Josh Rozas shows us two different kind of spools


Looking for a quality line to spool up your KastKing baitcaster? The company has anglers covered with a whole lineup of mono, copolymer, fluro-coated, and braided lines to select from. But this year it wasn't the line that was making a big splash but rather the spool that the line is sold on.


KastKing has a complete range of line to select from


BioSpool: KastKing innovated where no other company was really looking, the spool that line ships on, and created an environmentally friendly spool that is made out of bio-based wheat waste. The spool will replace traditional hard plastic spools are will deteriorate in soil in eight to twelve months. "As an angler, at any one time I may have ten to fifteen empty fishing line spools to dispose of.  I thought about the enormous number of spools of fishing line KastKing ships daily," says Tom Gahan, KastKing's Chief Marketing Officer who conceived the idea for the KastKing® BioSpool. "Even more so, the number of hard plastic spools the industry as a whole produces annually."


A prototype BioSpool. These spools are made out of wheat waste


The wheat straw material used is what remains after the grain is harvested and is a better option than even cardboard, which relies on harvesting forests. In some countries farmers burn their wheat stalks after harvest which only further contributes to air pollution, and the BioSpool takes some of that what waste out of the cycle.


While high performance collapsible rods are not very popular in the US they are extremely popular in other regions


Portable Rods: Though not very popular in the US collapsible rods are extremely possible in many countries where space and portability are a premium. KastKing's CEO Tate Cui showed us some new prototype rods that the company is working on that are designed to change the perception of what a collapsible rod feels and fishes like. Once extended it was hard to tell the rod was even a collapsible rod to begin with, and the rod exhibited a very nice taper, and also offered plenty of power under load.


Tate Cui, head of KastKing, shows us how good a collapsible rod can be


In addition to these rods KastKing offers a complete range of single piece bass rods, and as you expect they are all quite reasonably priced. In fact there are many offerings under 80 dollars. How does KastKing offer so many products at such reasonable prices? The answer is the company's business strategy, one they affectionately call E=M2C, which stands for Manufacturer Direct to Consumer.


Tate has quickly grown KastKing's range of offerings and sales over the last few seasons


Unlike just about every reel and rod manufacturer out there KastKing doesn't sell to distributors and instead tries to eliminate that middle layer and overhead costs to pass the savings directly to the consumer. The result is a more aggressively priced product. The company's motto is "KastKing keeps Fishing Fun...by keeping it affordable." While we have only had experience with the company's very good rod rack what we saw at the show was exciting, and we were constantly surprised by how aggressively priced these products were. Reasonable prices and an environmental conscience? We like the way you think KastKing!









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