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ICAST 2017 Coverage - On the Way Out


One More for the Road: Imakatsu and DSTYLE at the Airport


Date: 7/29/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Imakatsu, DSTYLE
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: With our last meeting with Simms complete we rushed to the airport to make our flight back to the Bay Area. At the gate in Orlando five minutes before boarding we were greed by Munenori Kajiwara who is the distributor of Imakatsu and DStyle lures here in the US. He mentioned that he had tried to find us at the show but unfortunately we never crossed paths this year, but he did have a few new products that he thought our readers would be interested in. With just minutes before boarding we sat down for a quick look.


Munenori Kajiwara shows us the new Javallon new swimbaits at the gate


NEO: The Imakatsu Javallon is getting an addition this year with new smaller versions that feature a delta lip on the front that distributes the water around the bait to create a unique swimming action, even at very slow speeds. The tail is also reversed so that it acts more like a stabilizer so that it maintains a very good posture when fished with no sinker and a very slow retrieve. There is an embedded wire guard for durability and the Javallon Neo will come in two sizes 135 and 97, retailing for $17.99 to $20.99 per pack of four depending on size.


The new Javallon NEO a delta lip to aid with swimming action at low speeds


Gill: Also imported directly from Japan is the new Javallon Gill 110 which comes four to a pack and is designed to slow sink. Like the Javallon it comes with four segments connected by a spine. The bottom half is heavy so it can swim very slowly, and it can be rigged with either an offset hook on the side or a stinger hook off the bottom.


The new Javallon Gill can be rigged various ways


There is also a weight control system in the head that can be removed, transforming it from a slow sinking bait to a floating topwater bait.  The Javallon Gill is already available now at Tackle Warehouse and retails for $24.99 for a pack of four. 


Yet another very realistic Imakatsu swimbait


Bassroid: You may have heard of the Imakatsu Gillroid and Ayuroid and now there is a new Bassroid swimbait. The Bassroid Jr. is designed to dive down to 3 feet when retrieved and features a four segment body to deliver a smooth tail swimming action at multiple retrieve rates. As you might expect this bait features a very realistic finish, and is truly a fishable work of art. The Bassroid Jr. will be available in the next few months and retail for $66.99 each.


This crazy looking topwater bait is designed to look like a struggling baitfish or popping bait on the surface


DSTYLE Reserve: As the final call for our flight sounded over the PA Munenori had one more bait to show us. The DSTYLE Reserve is a small baitfish imitating topwater lure that features an interesting translucent wing system that gives it an erratic slow shaking or walking action. This wing system is designed to create the illusion of an injured or struggling baitfish on the surface and there are additional eyes to mimic several baitfish bursting on the surface as well. 


It can be walked or twitched on the surface


The Reserve Topwater can be retrieved several ways. A slow twitch-and-stop retrieve mimics a single wounded baitfish on the surface, while a steady retrieve mimics a small school trying to flee and evade predators. The bait is outfitted with a rear black tail feather to help further define the Reserve Topwater’s shape and add it is armed with a Hayabusa Fluorine Coated Treble Hook. Does the quality finish look familiar? Rumor has it that this bait is actually built by Jackal to DSTYLE's specifications. The new Reserve is available in a range of highly realistic airbrushed finishes now at Tackle Warehouse for $25.99 each.


Thanks for joining us for all our ICAST 2017 coverage, now time to catch that plane and get back to our regularly scheduled reviews.










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