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ICAST 2017 Coverage


G-RODS Takes Graphene International - Preview New Trout and Big Game Rods


Date: 7/18/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: G-Rods International
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: This ICAST G-Rods did exactly as their full name implies and is taking their graphene rods international. The company showed us their new rods designed for the Canadian market as well as gave us a first look at their upcoming line of saltwater big game rods.


Not a lightsaber but the rather the handle of a new G-Rods two piece Redfish rod


Another Game Changer? G-Rods has been expanding their entire line and has been exploring with new rods designed specifically to address the preferences in different markets, such as our neighbors in the North.


This is a seamless two piece rod


G-Rods is coming out with new rods specifically designed for anglers in other regions like Canada, and to differentiate these International Rods the company outfits the rods with lighter grips than those used in the US market.


The International G-Rods are easily identifiable from the US rods with the lighter colored grips


Some of the new sticks include Speckled Trout and Redfish rods, including very slick two piece models that you wouldn't even know are two piece rods because the design is so seamless.


A first look at a new trout rod from G-Rods


G-Rods is also playing around with new rods including trout sticks that leverage graphene to deliver an extremely lightweight yet very sensitive and durable small diameter blank.


This trout stick has a solid carbon and graphene tip


To add to the sensitivity and help provide a visual strike indicator the tip on this particular trout rod is constructed from a solid mix of carbon and graphene. Hardware comprises of all Fuji titanium SiC guides making for a very nicely balanced finesse stick. We hope that this new trout rod will also be available stateside as it could be an excellent backcountry trout rod, or even a finesse panfish stick.


Still a year away but the new G-Rods big game rods already look ready for primetime


Going Big: Though the project is still a year from completion we got a first look at a few prototype big game rods that the company is designing for jigging, popping, and trolling applications. I held one of the sticks designed for Tuna and couldn't believe how light it was. Fighting a tuna with this rod would be an absolute blast! G-Rods is able to build thinner and lighter big game rods because of the strength that graphene brings to the table.


Vanhdy Miller shows us the new International Rods and they look good!


This year G-Rods just gave us an appetizer of what is to come, and with rods on opposite ends of the power spectrum ranging from an ultralight trout rod to big game saltwater sticks designed for top of the food chain species the company continues to show us how they are utilizing graphene to create quality rods with a unique look, lightweight feel, and impressive actions.









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