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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Fitzgerald Rods Introduces New Titan HD Flip & Pitch Rods and Bryan Thrift Cranking Sticks


Date: 7/13/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Fitzgerald Rods
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Fitzgerald Rods has been quickly earning a reputation for building quality rods that stand up to the rigors of tournament angling, and most of their rods are even designed by tournament pros. This year the company introduced new Titan HD rods for flipping and pitching and a new range of crankbait specific rods under the Bryan Thrift Series.


At the show Fitzgerald Rods introduced the new Bryan Thrift Series cranking rods


Bryan Thrift Cranks it Up: I've fished with Bryan at Clear Lake in the past and the man knows how to put the hurt on big fish. One of the things that I remember he told me about cranking was that he didn't like the feel and performance of traditional glass cranking rods. With all the advances in tackle he feels like it is important to not give any opportunity for the fish to escape, and with the latest graphite technology that it was possible to get the right action in a cranking rod. So when we learned that he was introducing a new cranking rod line our first question was whether or not he had used glass, his answer was still a resounding no.


These cranking rods feature American Tackle micro guides


Bryan is introducing three new graphite cranking rods, and each is 7'4" in length and gives anglers the choice of Medium, Medium-Heavy, and Heavy powered moderate actions. The reason for three different crankbait rods? Because crankbaits are so vastly different today. These rods were designed 100% by Thrift and feature American Tackle Artus HD micro guides that have been strategically placed to maximize the action and performance of each of the three rods. The American Tackle micro guides are fitted with saltwater gauge nanolite HD rings that are durable but still lightweight and can stand to cranking with braid if that is your preference.


Bryan Thrift shows us his new lineup of three rods designed specifically for crankbait fishing


The Bryan Thrift rods all feature a clean and stealthy design, no excess resins, just a nice matte blank that is designed to transmit every wobble and bump. These new rods all retail for the reasonable price of $189 dollars each.


The Titan HD is a flipping and pitching specific stick designed by Trevor Fitzgerald


Titan HD: A lot of anglers think "power" first and foremost when they think about a pitching and flipping stick but sensitivity is just as important, especially when there is money on the line. The new Fitzgerald Titan HD Series was designed by professional Bass Angler Trevor Fitzgerald and uses a high modulus blank that is specifically engineered to be both sensitive and durable.


The EVA grips are sculpted for comfort and in the butt section is a hidden weight system that balances out these powerful rods beautifully


When we held the new HD rods we were surprised how good they felt in hand, not because they were particularly light, but because they were so perfectly balanced. These rods incorporate an internal balancing system in the rear handle so that anglers will be less fatigued throughout a day of pitching and flipping. A well balanced rod like this will also enable anglers to better detect even subtle bites.


Trevor Fitzgerald shows us the new Titan HD rods, these are flipping sticks that anglers can fish all day due to their excellent balance


There are a total of five new rods ranging in length from 7'6" to 7'10" and have either heavy or x-heavy powers and all with the fast action you would expect from a pitching rod. They feature titanium framed guides with braid proof Nanolite rings and Forhan locking wraps also prevent the guides from pulling out. Each of these new rods are made in the USA, retail for $299.99 and come backed with a limited lifetime warranty. The crew at Fitzgerald Rods are extremely knowledgeable when it comes to rod requirements that will stand up to the most punishing fishing applications, and both the new Bryan Thrift and Titan HD rods are truly rods designed by professional anglers for serious anglers.   









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