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ICAST 2017 Coverage


New and Blue: The Douglas LRS Rod Series


Date: 7/16/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Douglas
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Introduction: Offering both conventional and fly rods, Douglas had a presence on both the ICAST and IFTD sides (as usual) of the show. While their fly rods will be covered over on Demystifly.com, we made sure to stop by and see what they had to offer in the spinning and casting categories. The crew at Douglas always has something new to show us, and this year was no different with the introduction of their LRS rods.

Depending on the model, you'll find both split and full grips with all rods featuring foregrips.

LRS Rods: Douglas' new LRS rods extend well past just bass fishing. Constructed using multi-modulus 30–40 Ton construction, the blanks are finished in a beautiful glossy deep-blue color. Handles are comprised of high-density EVA, while reel seats are by Fuji. For guides, Douglas has gone with Fuji Alconite guides housed inside silver stainless frames.

We really dug the gloss blue color scheme.

Another look at the beautiful blank and Fuji Alconite guides.

LRS casting rods are comprised of 18 models ranging from 6'8” to 10'6”. All models are 1-piece with the exception of 9'0” and longer rods which are 2-pieces. LRS spinning rods are made up of 11 different models starting with a short-handled 6'6” Jimmy Reese “Sawed off Shotgun” skipping rod and ranging up to the longest 9'0” rod. The 8'6” and longer models are 2-piece construction.

An example of the Fuji spinning and casting reel seats that are available.

Thanks to Fred Contaoi for walking us through the LRS series!

Conclusion: Initially, we were impressed by the feel of these rods. The models we held all felt very lightweight and balanced nicely, including the more stout and longer models. All Douglas LRS rods come with a 5-year warranty. They're making us wait just a bit longer for these sticks, as these are expected to be released sometime in October. We look forward to putting one through a full TackleTour review!










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