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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Cutting Edge - Cuda's New Tools and Tackle Center


Date: 7/16/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Cuda
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: There are a lot of tools on the fishing market, probably as many as there are reel options, and sorting through all the different options to find the really good ones can be a bit of a challenge. While there are many tools that look like they are simply re-branded work tools, Cuda is designing and building angling specific solutions, and it shows. 


The beefed up Cuda Braid Shears make short work of superlines


Making the Cut: I first learned about Cuda two years ago when fishing with the team on San Marco Island in Florida. During the event I was given a 3" Micro Scissor that continues to cut braided line two years later just as well as the day I received it.


Today the Cuda brand is more recognizable than ever and their blue gripped tools are finding many homes on the deck of freshwater and saltwater recreational and commercial fishing boats.


As Cuda has expanded more professional anglers are using their tools and while they liked the 3" Micro Scissor the tool was so light it could get blown off the deck when bass rigs are running wide open. This year the company introduced a new beefed up 5.5" Cuda Braid Shear that cuts just as well with dual serrated blades and enough room to get two fingers in the grips for an even more confident hold. These new shears will be available for just over 9 dollars each.


The Mini Pliers are a number of useful tools all in one portable package


Mini Pliers: One of the most useful tools that an angler can have is a good old pair of pliers, only in Cuda's case this new mini-pliers is anything but old school. The new 5" Cuda Mini Plier is made out of stainless steel and is titanium bonded for durability. It features an integrated ring splitter and crimper to change out hooks quickly, and even incorporates an integrated cutter right above the joint. It is spring loaded for easy operation and locks for safely. These pliers will retail for just over $17 dollars a pair.




Have you ever been a situation when you needed a hook cutter on the boat? Maybe you have a hooks lodged in a fish that simply will not come out, or perhaps one is buried into your tackle bag, or worse in you!


Hook Cutter: Cuda has a tool that can save the day, a powerful cutter capable of cutting through 6/0 hooks with ease. At the show Buddy demonstrated a cut effortlessly with the long handles which provide extra leverage.


Testing the hook cutter on the ICAST show floor


FLW Tour Pro Angler Cody Meyer swears by them and stated "It has tons of power behind it and can cut anything. I actually used it at the last tournament. I had a fish eat a crankbait so deep that I had to cut the hooks out. Saved the fish and saved me 4 ounces. I made the top 20 cut because of it!" The new hook cutter will retail for $29 dollars.


Buddy Prause shows us the innovative new Cuda tackle Center


Tackle Center: In addition to making quality tools Cuda went the extra mile this year to create a better way to store and secure those tools, especially when your running the boat at high speed or over rough water. Meet the Cuda Tackle Center, a storage solution that secures into the cup holder on your boat with a locking tension ring.


Carbon rods accommodate all sorts of tools


The Tackle Center uses carbon rods, much like what we have seen before on aftermarket knife blocks, to secure tools of all types up to 7 inches. The flexible design can safely store everything from pliers to knives securely, and for extra security comes with a net cover to keep the tools in place.


The system can be taken apart for cleaning


“When you look at most boats, tools are scattered about and stored in a variety of areas,” said Capt. Rick Constantine, vice president of marketing and general manager for Cuda. “The new Tackle Center keeps your most frequently used tools close by and secured in place, ensuring that the tool you need is ready when you need it. For smaller boats, kayaks and canoes where tool storage is tight or non-existent, the new Cuda Tackle Center is the ideal solution.”


Thanks to Buddy for showing us all the latest Cuda solutions, truly cutting edge kit


The carbon rods can come out for rinsing and the entire tube can be washed and even drains. This unique containment system will retail for $57.49 and will become available later this Fall. The Tackle Center, like all of Cuda's tools, comes backed with a signature lifetime warranty, which just goes to show how much confidence Cuda has in the quality of their tools. Cuda's tools are created specifically for serious anglers and it shows, truly cutting edge kit.









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