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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Shooting for the Sky - Castaway's New Titania Air Rods


Date: 7/19/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Castaway
Reviewer: Zander



Introduction: There were a lot of exciting new rods unveiled this ICAST and among the most interesting was the new Titania Air Series unveiled by  Castaway Rods. These new rods blend innovative designs together from tip to handle to create one of the most visually stunning rods we have seen to date, but it is only after you pick one of them up do you really appreciate what the Titania rods are all about.

The most exciting new rod from Castaway is their new flagship Titania Air line

Castaway didn't just want to build another rod line, they wanted to build a new halo product that made use of innovative materials blended with aggressive styling, something that would help elevate the entire brand.

The new Titania Air rods start with a 30/40 ton nano blend blank. There are seven different layers that go into this design and it all starts with a proprietary high modulus core.

The rods feature thin diameter blanks that are still very strong

Other layers include 45 degree helical wound graphite to make the rod blank strong while staying light, micro nano carbon in the middle for added strength, a graphite shell and Carbon Matt OPP tape for durability. Castaway made both durability, sensitivity, and handling all priorities on the new rods and the minute I picked one up I was surprised by how lightweight the rod was. Some of the rods weigh in at just 2.8oz. which is incredible for a rod with these powers and attractive accents.

The CFX grips are stunning look but are functional as well, delivering a solid grip and enhanced sensitivity

Sensitivity: Being so light helps make the new Titania rods feel even more crisp in hand, and they seem like they will balance well with just about any lightweight reel. To maximize sensitivity Castaway provides generous access to the blank with an exposed reel seat.

Split grips aid with the balance and weight reduction

Then there are those fancy CFX grips. The CFX grips are absolutely stunning, and provide anglers with a solid tactile surface that will hold up well over time, and are also very lightweight. While they certainly add a lot of character to the rod they also are among the most "functional" grips on the market.

The CFX grips are made out of a proprietary material that does not absorb vibrations like cork, EVA, or other polyurethane based foams. Instead they are able to transmit vibration for maximum sensitivity and responsiveness so anglers are not just feeling strikes through the exposed reel seat, but through the CFX grips themselves!

The rods feature titanium guide frames with silicon nitride inserts

The Hardware: The Titania Air rods are finished with titanium guide frames with silicon nitride inserts, and are spaced out with CastAway's static zoned guide spacing design to maximize both casting and line handling under load.

Thanks to Scott Luft for showing us the exciting new Titania Air line of rods which are the new flagship of the Castaway Line

The Stratosphere: Castaway shot sky-high with the Titania Air Series and just about every aspect of these new rods was carefully designed to enhance performance, and you can both see and feel it. Those CFX carbon weave handles a perfect match for the high density nano-tube graphite blanks, helping the rod achieve enhanced sensitivity while keeping weight down below the coveted 3oz. mark.

A rod like this could easily cost upwards of 500 dollars so we were surprised to discover that though the Titania Air is absolutely designed to be a flagship offering the company will retail the rods for only $389 dollars!

Castaway ventured to build a new halo product that had the potential to elevate their brand, and if these new Titania Air rods fish half as good as they look and feel on dry land then there is only one thing to say.... job done.









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