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ICAST 2017 Coverage


13 Fishing Enters the Lure Market - Donkey Sauce!


Date: 7/16/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: 13Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Seriously, Is there anything that 13 Fishing can't do? It sure doesn't seem like it as the company continues to grow at an amazing pace. One of the keys to the company's success is the willingness to defy convention, take chances, and never forget to have fun while doing it.


13 Fishing just entered the bait market


The new 13 Fishing bearing-less Concept Z reels or the Fate Black Series, which is anything but black, took center stage for company this year but off on the periphery there was another significant story, as the company introduced their first foray into the lure market.


Meet 13 Fishing's new lineup of "Superior Soft Baits," which consist of a plethora of tiny little plastics designed for targeting fish with ultra-finesse presentations.


The new Superior Soft Baits are tiny lures that are a cross between different types of prey


The lures were created by Jose Chavez at 13 Fishing who has a background in biology. He leveraged his understanding of marine biology with his passion for fishing and fishing tackle to create the new line of tiny baits. These miniscule lures may look small but they are designed for targeting a wide range of freshwater species, everything from panfish to monster trout.


Many patterns glow


There are seven baits to choose from and the best way to describe them is that they look somewhat like baby coconut crabs, nymphs, or larvae. These baits are actually designed to mimic multiple food sauces and are actually a cross between different types of prey. Each of these seven baits range in size from as small as 23mm to 43mm depending on the bait, and will come in 10 different colors, many of which are glow patterns.


Try and keep that tail at rest...challenge accepted!


At the show Jose challenged me to try and hold one of the baits called "The Jeffrey" and see if I could get the tail to sit completely still, and if I could he would get me one of the new Concept Z reels right off the show floor to test. Challenge accepted!


Jose shows us the complete range of new Superior Soft Baits, something tells me this is just the beginning of 13's push into baits


I was motivated but quickly learned that Jose had created these baits with an emphasis on movement. As much as I tried I could not get the tail to completely stop, even talking created enough movement in the air to cause the tail to vibrate. Challenge failed! The baits come six to a pack and are loaded with a proprietary scent the company calls "Donkey Sauce." Each pack will retail for $4.99 each and start becoming available at the beginning of next year. When these lures become available the company will also be introducing new tungsten jigs that are designed to pair with these lures. We have a feeling that this is just the beginning for 13 Fishing lures. Donkey Sauce!









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