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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Some Things Big, Some Things Small, and a Lot of Squaring Around with Spro


Date: 7/18/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Spro
Reviewer: Cal

2018 for Spro will be about some things big, some things small, and a lot of squaring around as the lure manufacturer extends some lines and digs a little deep to create new ones. We met up with Mike McClelland and BBZ man himself Bill Siemental to learn about the new baits.


Spro's new not-so Little John DD 90's bill is almost as long as the body.


These baits are approaching L.O.U.S. status.


Some things big: The no so Little John DD 90 approaches L.O.U.S. (lure of unusual size) territory with its 90mm (~3.5") body and almost equally long bill. The new bait weighs in at 1.25 oz and is rated to dive down to 25 feet depending on the diameter of your fishing line. It's designed to dive this deep without pulling super hard like other baits in its class and features an internal weight transfer system to assist with far and distant casting. The Little John DD 90 will be available in 7 different colors and retail for $11.99. It is set for an October release with pre-orders available now at TackleWarehouse.


Something big makes way for something small.


Small like a tiny little mouse bait.


Some things small: The BBZ-1 Rat is now available in a "25" size which translates to 5" in total length or 2.5" without the tail. The bait weighs all of 5/16oz and Bill Siemental couldn't wait to tell us all the different ways he's been fishing it including on a Carolina and Drop Shot rig. The bait is so small, just about anything will hit it which makes it a super tasty morsel for those competitive largemouth bass. The bait is set to arrive in October and will retail for $20.99.

Bill Siementel shows us his battle scarred BBZ-1 Rat 25 that has caught far too many bass to count.

Russ Lane gets a new squarebill to talk about.

The Fat Papa SB55 and SB70 feature circuit board lips and Gamakatsu hooks.

A lot of Squaring around: Russ Lane gets a new set of square bill baits to extend his popular Fat Papa diving plugs. The new Fat Papa SB 55 and SB 70 both measure 55mm (~2 3/16") and weigh 1/2 oz and 3/4 oz respectively. Both are designed to run down to about 5 feet and will be available in 8 different colors. They feature the popular circuit board lips for better deflection off obstacles and are equipped with Gamakatsu round bend hooks (#4s on the SB 55 & #2s on the SB 70). These new baits are already available for $12.99 at TackleWarehouse.

They are already available for preorder at places like TackleWarehouse.

Mike McClelland fills in for John Crews and Russ Lane showing us the new crankbaits by Spro.

Conclusion: We may or may not have received a shipment on some of these baits prior to ICAST and we may or may not have already fished some of them. We cannot confirm, but will not deny our excitement over some of these baits, but hopefully can share with your our final thoughts once we've had the opportunity to really and thoroughly beat them up some out on the water.


We may or may not have already fished some of these baits...


The fact that some are already available and others are available for preorder means we're running out of time before more of them show up on the water, so it may be time to head back out and get it while the getting is good.









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