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ICAST 2017 Coverage


The Bait Everyone Will Soon Be Talking About


Date: 7/25/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: PH Custom Lures
Reviewer: Cal


Introduction: Is there anything more retro in bass fishing than the hand crafted wooden bait? Ok, maybe the grape colored plastic worm, but a plastic worm doesn't speak to ingenuity and craftsmanship. PH Custom lures, distributed under the Optimum Baits umbrella, is based out of Indiana and they are the makers of good old fashioned wooden lures.


Have you heard of the Ploppin-P?


Ploppin-P: Word on the dock is a certain, yet to be aired tournament was won on a certain new bait that's already grown difficult to acquire. That bait? It's the Ploppin-P - a topwater plopping bait featuring a hand carved, wood body.


It's a topwater bait with a metal bladed ploppin tail.


Because it's metal, you can bend it to suit your needs.


The Ploppin-P looks just like a hand made crankbait only it has no bill and comes with a metal tail that's designed to plop in the water. Because the tail is metal, it gives angler the opportunity to custom tune that plop for more or less splash depending on the mood of the fish.


Hardware is VMC.


Each bait is hand made in Indiana.

They are rated at 3" in length and 5/oz in weight. Each bait is individually hand painted and comes equipped with VMC hooks. They are available right now at retailers such as TackleWarehouse and sell for $19.99.

Phil Hunt proudly shows us his creation.

The Ploppin-P is high on our list of baits we need time on the water with after seeing them at ICAST 2017. There's just a certain allure about a bait that's carved out of wood - and in this case, good ole balsa wood. Time to get some topwater combos ready and do some testing!









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