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ICAST 2017 Coverage


The Optimum Umbrella - It's Bigger on the Inside


Date: 7/21/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Optimum Bait Co
Reviewer: Cal

In case you hadn't already discerned from some of our past year's coverage, the umbrella that is Optimum Bait Company not only covers their own product, but several other brands as well. They are the US distributors of Deps, ima, Kahura, Reins, among other brands. It's always a bit overwhelming when we enter their booth and while we have separated a few of their brands out into their own articles, the bulk of what they have to offer this year is right here.


Is that really what we think it is?


No, it's not the Ood.


AA Worms Magnum Octopus : Knowing it's an impractical bait for freshwater, and no longer having a reliable outlet to test it in salt, we were nonetheless enamored with the AA Worms Magnum Octopus set to release any day now. It is a soft plastic bait coming five different colors and two sizes : $7.50 for a 2 pack of 7 inchers and $5.50 for a single 9 incher. We can already imagine drop shotting a miniature version of this bait just for kicks.


It's a soft plastic Octopus!


Boom Boom goes weedless.


Optimum Boom Boom Weedless : But back to the task at hand, Optimum is set to announce a weedless version of their popular Boom Boom Swimbait designed by Fred Roumbanis. They measure four and a half inches, will be available in 17 different colors and retail for $8.99 per 3 pack of baits.


There will be 17 different colors.


Rigging is through the slit belly with a weighted swimbait hook.


The Dollar Bill Swimmer caught our eye too.

Dollar Bill Swimmer : Perhaps even more intriguing than the Boom Boom Weedless however, is the new Dollar Bill Swimmer. It's a soft plastic swimbait body more in the tradition of a saltwater bait because of its girth but we found it intriguing because it ships with a very unique, weighted head.

This is a thicker swimbait body more like a saltwater bait.

The shape of this bait makes me crave sashimi.

The head features a line through hole that goes from the nose to the top back. You run your line through, tie on a treble hook of your choice, screw the bait body onto the back of the head, insert one of the hook points into the back of your bait and voila, you're ready to go with a line-through rigging. The bait will come with 3 swimbait bodies and one head per bait.

The big deal about this bait is the swim head it comes with. It's built for line through rigging.

Simple yet so effective.

Have you been avoiding the Thumper because it's too big?

Butch Brown 6" Thumper Tail : Attach the name of one Mr. Butch Brown to any swimbait these days and watch it fly off store shelves. The original Thumper Tail from Optimum Baits is a 9" bait and very popular amongst those in the know. Now there's a size targeted towards the more recreational angler in the 6". Pricing is still being worked out, but expect this bait to begin showing up at places like TackleWarehouse sometime this fall.

Well, that excuse is moot, because now there's a 6" version!

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