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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Sneaky not-so Sneaky Molix


Date: 7/20/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Molix
Reviewer: Cal

Rolling into the Molix booth, it was lights, cameras, action as Mike Iaconelli held court with our friends over at TackleWarehouse filming his takes on the baits bearing his name and signature. Rather than interrupt their mojo, we met up with Carl Jocumsen , professional bass fisherman to hear the story behind his new favorite bait from Molix.


Introducing the Sneaky Frog by Molix.


This is a 3/4 ounce bait.


Sneaky Frog : The Sneaky Frog looks like a traditional frog bait until you look more closely. First, it's more elongated than a regular frog, and second, instead of the weight being located at the back of the bait, it's more in the center closer to what would be the frog's belly. This forward weight placement allows the bait to stay in the strike zone longer effectively allowing you to make the bait dance in place if you want. Designed by and tested in Australian waters by Molix prostaff Carl Jocumsen against monster barramundi, you know if the Sneaky Frog can hold up to those fish, it will handle a largemouth bass no problem.


With non-traditional weight placement.


Expect the Sneaky Frog to be available in up to 9 colors and two sizes - the original 3 1/2", 3/4 oz size and a smaller (baby) 2 3/8", 3/8oz size. Both sizes will retail for somewhere around $15.


Craw'g color pattern?


The Sneaky Frog and Sneaky Frog Baby.


SuperNato Baby Beetle : Speaking of baby sizes, the popular SuperNato Beetle receives a smaller size this year in the 2 inch, 3/16 oz SuperNato Beetle Baby. This bait is sure to be a BFS frogging favorite. It will be available in 9 different colors and retail for right around $15.


SuperNato Beetle gets a Baby size too.

RT Shad 35 : Molix's new RT Shad 35 is a 3.5" bait made of soft, yet high density plastic. It is of course, made to mimic small bait fish and comes with a proportionately large paddletail. This is definitely an intriguing little bait and will be available in 8 different colors selling for $12.99 per package of 5.

The RT Shad 35 looks like a drop shot bait.

But this is a 3.5" swimbait body.

SS Shad 4" : The original SS Shad, a 5" bait reviewed in March of 2017, receives a new, 4" sibling. Available in 1/4 and 3/16oz sizes, the new SS Shad 4" will certainly be popular where a smaller profile and lighter weight make more sense. There will be 12 different colors and will be sold in packages containing one weighted jighead and 3 bodies for $5.99.

The popular SS Shad gets a new, smaller 4" size.

Shad 100 : Poured around a custom OMTG hook, the 4" Molix Shad 100 is a more traditional swimbait featuring a denser body than the previous two shad baits and a joint in the center. It comes equipped with a stinger hook on the bottom as well as a Colorado blade in the belly for added attraction. The Shad 100 will be available in six different colors and be sold for $9.49 per bait.


The Shad 100 is for more hardcore swimbait enthusiasts.


Do you like titanium wire spinnerbaits?

Lover Titanium : The titanium spinnerbait is reborn with the new Molix Lover Titanium Spinnerbait by Mike Iocenelli. This double willow spinnerbait is available in a half ounce size and eight different colors. Many spinnerbait fishermen prefer titanium wire for the unique way the wire seems to amplify the bait's sound. the Lover Titanium Spinnerbait will retail for $14.99 per bait.

The new Lover Titanium may be the one for you.

Mader Alive renews its on again off again relationship with the US market.

Mader Alive : The Mader Alive is not a new bait for Molix, but it is a somewhat new for the US market. Made from Japanese cedar wood and full stainless steel hardware, this jointed bait will dive to a maximum of 4 feet all while emitting a clacking sound as the tail section swims back and forth. It's relatively small at six inches and weighs one and three quarters of an ounce. It will be offered in four colors and cell for $45.99 per bait.

Hopefully it's here to stay this time.

Carl Jocumsen was kind enough to walk us through the new Molix baits including his favorite, the Sneaky Frog.

Conclusion: There's rarely a dull moment in the Molix booth whether it be the glitz and glamour that follows Mike Iaconelli, or the quiet excitement emanating from stories of huge barramundi crushing baits in Australia as told by Carl Jocumsen, or the laid back, let's crack open a bottle of Chianti Classico, attitude from the company management, it's always fun to see what this aggressive, Italian based company has to offer. What's more, we look forward to getting some of these baits out on the water and sharing with you their effectiveness.









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