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ICAST 2017 Coverage


The Future is So Bright at Lucky Craft USA, They're Distributing Sight Master Shades


Date: 7/17/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Lucky Craft & Teckel Lures
Reviewer: Cal

Introduction: Lucky Craft had plenty of bait introductions for this year that are actually already available but what surprised us when we entered their booth this year was the news that they've dipped their toes into the distributorship role helping brands from Japan enter the US Market. Takahiro Omori was on hand to show us what's up with the brand.


Sight Master is a JDM brand now being distributed in the US by Lucky Craft USA.


They are manufactured in Japan.


Sight Master: Takahiro Omari has been relying upon the same brand of sunglasses since his introduction to bass fishing. These JDM shades are a brand called Sight Master. Lucky Craft USA has agreed to a distribution arrangement with the company that offers three basic frames with up to three lens color options each. All lenses are polarized glass, yet are still super light and not heavy like traditional glass lens shades.


Lenses are a very thin glass material.


Ear pieces are titanium wire coated with rubber so you can bend them to fit your face perfectly.


The Kinetic Black frames are available in three lens colors.


The frames are injection molded with titanium hinges. The tips of each earpiece/arm are rubber coated titanium so you can easily bend them to custom fit your face. Prices will range from $249 - $269 depending on your choice in style.


Wedge Brown Demi has two lens options.


Scepter Smoke Gray sells for $249.99 in three lens choices.

Lucky Craft USA is also distributing Teckel frogs.


Teckel Lures Sprinkler: Lucky Craft has also reached a distribution agreement with the up and coming Teckel Lure company. If you recall, we provided a review on this company's product within its first year of existence and now as if to celebrate their agreement with Lucky Craft USA, there's a new Sprinkler version of the frog with a free swinging tail attached to the back. The Teckel Sprinkler frog will retail for $13.99 and come with one spare tail each.

We reviewed the original and showed you the Honker back in 2013 but this one is different.

It's all in this free swinging tail.

Attached via a swivel, it spins and spits as you retrieve the bait.


Each bait comes with a spare tail, but you can also purchase them separately.


The Sammy Bug is a new topwater bait from Lucky Craft.

Sammy Bug 100: Lucky Craft's new Sammy Bug is a hybrid Sammy plus Jitterbug jointed topwater bait with a prop on the back. It is, of course, a topwater bait but unlike the jitterbug, the bait's mouth is loose creating not only an erratic swimming motion, but a metal clacking sound as you retrieve it. The prop on back creates a bubble trail making it even easier for a hungry bass to track down. Expect the Sammy Bug to be available in four colors and retail for $18.99.

A hybrid bait of sorts, it's all about that jitterbug like lip.

Only this one is not fixed, it's loose for extra noise making commotion.

Additionally, there's a prop in back for even more noise and disturbance.

Lightning Pointer XR110: What is it about that 110 millimeter length and jerkbaits? Lucky craft joins the fray with their new Lightning Pointer 110 an extension of the existing Lightning Pointer XR 98. This bait is designed to get down quickly delivering a flash and dash to trigger strikes. This 110 millimeter size weighs half an ounce, is rated to 6-7 feet and is actually available now! MSRP is set at $15.99.

Lucky Craft USA now has a "110".

The Lightning Pointer XR110 extends an existing product line formerly only available in 78mm.

Pointer 78EX-S: The Pointer EX-S is a sinking bait that shimmies on the fall. It has a low center of gravity that causes the bait to shimmy at rest. It is designed to be fished around weedy areas and along vertical structure like break walls and bridge pilings. The Pointer 78EX-S will retail for $15.99 and will debut with up to six different colors.

The Pointer 78EX-S is designed to shimmy at rest.

Skeet Reese has a new Double Colorado bladed spinnerbait.

SKT Double Colorado Spinnerbait: The latest addition to the SKT series of spinnerbaits is a compact, double Colorado bladed bait designed to create a lot of noise and vibration at even the slowest of retrieves. The SKT Double Colorado Spinnerbait will be available in one size - 3/8oz in up to three different colors and will retail for $9.99 - $10.99 depending on your color choice.

This bait will be made in only one size - 3/8 oz.

Takahiro Omori is really looking forward to throwing the Teckel Sprinkler.

Conclusion: Lucky Craft USA continues to refine and define the mid-premium bait space with their quality, fish catching products. Now that they are expanding their reach to handle the distribution responsibility of other brands, it can only strengthen their position as a company to keep an eye on in the bass fishing industry space. The future is so bright for Lucky Craft USA, it's a good thing they have a direct pipeline to some JDM shades.









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