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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Making it Difficult to Select Your Favorite Rods


Date: 7/20/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Favorite Rods
Reviewer: Cal

When Favorite rods debuted at ICAST 2015, we were among the first to cover the brand. Back then, they were simply making available rods they had developed for the European market. It's only been two short years, but this year, at ICAST 2017, the company had a much more robust lineup in store for US anglers.


Introducing Favorite Rod company's Summit series.


Taking minimalist builds quite literally.


Summit: The first new series that caught our attention was Summit. There are a total of 10 rods in this lineup evenly split between spinning and casting models and all built from Toray, 46 ton graphite using a multi-layer structure (MLS) that includes a kevlar component all to help deliver a super thin blank.


Closeup on the Summit's split reel seat.


Even the guides are as small as they can be.


Favorite then provides a minimum build with no grip to speak of (the rod's blank tapers to a larger diameter at the handle for what the company refers to as their iGrip), but Fuji SKSS and SKTS reel seats, a very small butt cap of EVA foam, and Fuji, titanium framed torzite guides. Retail on the Summit series is set for $349 across all 10 models.


Summit blanks feature a kevlar wrap for reinforced strength.


The Emperor series is only slightly more traditional.

Emperor: The next series from Favorite that commanded an audience was Emperor. Consisting of just 5 rods (4 casting, 1 spinning), this series of rods is built with a Korean manufacturer, SkyFlex's, 40 ton graphite and once again with Favorite's MLS blank technology. But of course, what caught our attention with this rod was their aluminum "Crown" foregrip. This crown also doubles as the rod's hook keeper.

A larger reel seat and a hint of cork at the handle.

The "Crown" is more than decorative.

It serves as the rod's hook keeper too.

To complete the build, the Emperor series features a split rear grip design with a small cork portion and then a butt section that is sculpted from the blank. The rods' guides are Fuji SiC and the series retails for $229.99 per model.

The Big Sexy is another series that caught our eye.

These sticks are for larger species so they're built more stout.

Big Sexy: This series from Favorite is built on SkyFlex 36ton graphite blanks with a kevlar wrap reinforcement at the base of the rod, Fuji reel seats and k-series Alconite guides. There are 8 models in all ranging in price from $199.99 - $229.99.

Machined aluminum.

This graphite pattern resembles the scales of an Arapaima.

Each rod is built with a split rear grip design featuring a cork handle and EVA butt end but what caught our eye in this series was the integration of red highlights in the blank making the rod look like the scales of an Arapaima - the huge South American game fish found in the waters of the Amazon.

The Defender series is where Favorite demonstrates they're more playful personality.

Apropos slogans.

Defender: Demonstrating they still have the original, playful, and sometimes outlandish styling that first attracted us to their brand is the Defender series. Made from 24 ton graphite, the Defender series is a social media success with limited run patriotic models and even a co-branded MLS series with your favorite team. With 12 models to choose from in the series all featuring SiC guides, Defender runs from $99.99 to $129.99 per model.

Colorful schemes like this patriotic look.

With matching grips.

Or more subdued.

Or.. in support of your favorite team from MLB.

Favorite has licensed the rights to all the MLB team logos and colors.

Even the reel seats will be colored.

Your favorite team's logo goes right here.

Reels: Also in the works for the brand are a set of fishing reels. We tabulated a rough count of 6 spinning models and 3 casting models but they were all in early prototype stages, so the folks at Favorite did not want the critical eye of TackleTour to handle them just yet. What we do know for now is that none of these reels are forecast to sell for more than $100.

Favorite Rods making a favorite difficult to select.

Reels are in the works to debut soon.

Blake Reese shows us what's new and exciting with Favorite Rods.

Conclusion: Favorite Rods certainly has not let up from their aggressive initial approach and we have only touched on the surface of their new offerings for the USDM. There are a total of 8 freshwater rod series in all so you can expect to hear a lot more in the coming months and years about Favorite.









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