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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Deps - The Not So Silent Anymore Killer


Date: 7/18/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Deps
Reviewer: Cal

Already well established within Japan, and producer of one of the continuously most sought after swimbaits in the world in the Slide Swimmer, Deps has even more in store for the USDM thanks to Optimum bait company everything from a unique knife bait to an L.O.U.S. type square bill. Let's take a look.


Is it a knife or is it a spoon?


Only Manabu Kurita really knows.


Gurkha Knife : The Gurkha Knife is a trophy bass hunter's take on a giant spoon. Designed by Manaba Kurita, this huge, metal jig has a shape akin to a flattened out V and feels very much like a knife or sword blade. On the business end of the jig are two, hooks attached via a cord very similar to what you'd find in a rock cod jig. They will be available in six and eight inch versions weighing 2 and 4.7 ounces respectively and sold in six different colors.


Maybe we'll call it a "spord".


The business end of the Gurhka Knife.


The NZ Crawler looks like a cross between Toothless and ET.


ET morse code back home.


NZ Crawler : The NZ Crawler looks like a cross between Toothless from How to Train your Dragon and ET. It has a huge head, and small body with outward facing metal wings. These wings are attached via a hinge and held back from crashing into the body by a metal screw. One can only imagine the commotion this bait creates when retrieved. It measures 133 mm in length and weighs 3 ounces.


As if the arms won't cause enough commotion by themselves, the EZ Crawler has a swim blade on the back for a bubble trail.


The slender profile of the EZ Crawler.


Deps's entry to the L.O.U.S space, the Evoke 4.0.

Evoke 4.0 : The Evoke 4.0 is Deps entry into the L.O.U.S. space. It's a square bill plug measuring 100 mm and weighing in at two ounces. It is reminiscent a bit of the Lucky Craft SKT Magnum only the bill on this bait is big, square, and super flat. It's due to release late this coming Fall.

Check out this bait's bill.

It looks like a perfect square!

Code Name BASS : We showed you this bait last year and still it's not quite ready for prime time just yet. Set for a Spring 2018 release, this huge baby bass bait measures 290 mm (close to 11.5 inches) and weights in excess of 13 ounces. Price is still being worked out on this bait but expect somewhere in the neighborhood of $250 - $300 given the price of the SlideSwimmer 250.

The wait is almost over - Spring 2018.

Conclusion: Deps is always set to make a big splash at ICAST and this year was no different. All prices on the above mentioned baits are still being worked out, but their releases are imminent between now and Spring of 2018. There are more products from the Deps camp. We merely touched upon some of the highlights.









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