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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Three New Baits from Big Bite Bait Company


Date: 7/17/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Big Bite Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Big Bite Baits has been relatively quiet in recent ICAST shows with one introduction here, another there, but this year, they had three new products and one size extension to show us.


Introducing the Limit Maker by Big Bite Baits.


Limit Maker: The Limit Maker is the brainchild of FLW Bass pro Michael Neal and is designed as finesse bait. It measures 3.75" in length and can be fished on a jighead or drop shot setup. The key is in the bait's small, needle like tail that gives the bait life at the smallest degree of movement. The Limit Maker will be available in 8 different colors and retail for $4.99 for a pack of 10.


Designed by Michael Neal, this bait is effective on a jig head and as a drop shot bait.


The Swimming Craw Tube is the company's latest hybrid bait.


Swimming Craw Tube: Tube baits and craw baits are among the most popular profiles in soft plastic baits, so why no combine the two. Big Bite Bait's new Swimming Craw tube does just that but in a configuration that can be presented on a constant or paused retrieve. The bait has a solid head construction to help keep the bait rigged on your favorite EWG hook or jig head. It features a ringed body for added vibration and a texture that bass really hold onto. The Swimming Craw Tube will be available in 14 different colors and sell for $4.69 per pack of 7.


The body of a tube with the swimming claws of a craw.


The main body is ringed.


Curly Minnow: Big Bite Baits puts a different spin on their popular Jointed Jerk Minnow with the new Curly Minnow - basically the same bait as the Jointed Minnow but now with a curly tail that swims at the slightest movement and action. It's built to be fished on a jig head or drop shot and will be available in a 3.75" and 5.5" size. They will be made in 10 different colors and retail for $3.99 (3.75"/10pk) and $4.99 (5.5"/7pk).


The Curly Minnow offers a new twist on the company's Jointed Jerk Minnow.


The Suicide Shad gets a new size - 7".


7" Suicide Shad: Big Bite Bait's Suicide shad, as reviewed on our site back in May, has been very well received by anglers across the country and their team of pro-staff. Formerly only available in a 3.5" and 5" size, the manufacturer now extends the bait to a full 7" size for those hunting for that bigger bite.


Russ Lane was on hand to show us what's new and exciting with Big Bite Baits.


Conclusion: Big Bite Baits continues to refine and extend their already impressive collection of good performing and affordable soft plastic baits. We'll be excited to see how the Limit Maker and hybrid Swimming Craw Tube perform in our waters out west as soon as they are available.









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