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ICAST 2017 Coverage


Abu Garcia Revo Enters Generation #4


Date: 7/12/17
Location: Orlando, FL
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: Abu Garcia
Reviewer: Cal

Abu Garcia's original line of Revo baitcasters created a stir in the status quo. In what was for the longest time, a two manufacturer race for your attention in a low profile baitcaster, Abu Garcia has made it worthwhile to look elsewhere and helped spawn the rebirth of a few other manufacturers as well. This year, the manufacturer introduces their fourth generation Revo reels bringing together what they've learned from Toro through MGX to really refine the entire lineup.


Abu Garcia's
original line of Revo baitcasters created a stir in the status quo.


The first thing to notice with the new Revo reels is their change in shape.


Revo Ergonomics: The first thing to notice with the new Revo reels is their change in shape. Gone is the crossbar locking screw holding the non handle sideplate in place and in is a narrower, more sleek face. Abu engineers actually pushed the spool and related mechanics of the reel further back and away from the line guide without changing the overall length of the reel. This shift reduces the angle by which your line travels from the spool to and through the line guide helping increase overall casting efficiency and distance.


The new Revos look longer, but they are actually the same length.


Revo Drag: Abu Garcia has taken the drag design from their vaunted Toro reels and downsized it for Premier, STX, Inshore, and Winch. This new Power Stack drag system features thicker carbon washers that are keyed like gears. This tweak keeps the carbon washers from spinning inside your reel which in turn doubles the washer's effectiveness helping to deliver up to 24 pounds of pressure even in the highest speed versions of these reels.


Each Revo features a new X2-Craftic aluminum alloy frame.


  The new Power Stack drag system is featured in 5 of the 7 Revo models.


IVCB-6L: Abu continues to make use of their MagTrax and Infini brake systems but have refined the IVCB brakes from their MGX reels with lockable fly arms and incorporated this system into the Premier, STX, and Inshore. So you can now turn brakes on and off and even set your spool up with zero brakes for a completely free casting spool if you so choose.


IVCB comes over from MGX but in a new IVCB-6L incarnation.


Premier, STX, and Inshore all benefit from IVCB-6L.


Revo X: Gone is the Orra suite of reels and new is the Abu Garcia Revo X. Taking over the same $99 price point as the former Orra SX, the Revo X features an X2-Craftic aluminum alloy frame instead of the composite frame from the Orra series. The Revo X comes with a hybrid carbon drag system, MagTrax braking, and will be available in three retrieve ratios (5.4, 6.6, and 7.3).

Gone is the Orra suite and new is Revo X priced at $99.99.

Revo X features this new Hybrid Carbon stack of drag washers.

Other Refinements: One last refinement of note is all Revo reels, save for the Inshore and Winch will come with 90mm handles. The Inshore and Winch will now feature 95mm handles.

The new Revo X Spinning Reel.

Need a low speed spinning reel for spybaiting or other slow presentation techniques? The Revo Winch spinning reel is a 4.7:1 retrieve reel.

Revo Spinning: Two new models break into the Revo spinning lineup in the Revo X and Revo Winch spinning. Revo X spinning is the new budget friendly model while Revo Winch spinning is a slower speed spinning reel with a 4.7:1 gear ratio returning approximately 25 inches per turn of the handle. This comes in handy for situations like spy baiting and other slower speed presentation so now you can retrieve with a normal cadence yet keep your bait moving at the proper speed.

Andrew Wheeler and Larry Tankersley introduce us to Revo Gen 4.

Conclusion: The new Abu Garcia Revo reels look and feel sleeker than the previous generation. Abu continues to not only refine the Revo lineup but also make it more robust with a new frame material, sturdier gears, more powerful drag, and more sensible mechanics. We're looking forward to testing the new IVCB-6L brake system and Power Stack drag in the coming year and seeing how well the gen 4 reels will hold true to the Revo moniker.









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