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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Shimano Redefines Low Profile Baitcasting Reel Lineup


Date: 7/13/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Shimano made some major changes to their baitcasting line this ICAST and at the center of this revamp are the updated Curado G and Citica G reels as well as a new Chronarch E that now shares the same profile as the previous generation Curado E reels. Key to this change is an effort to give these reels a stronger linked identity and making them more affordable to tournament anglers and weekend warriors.


Kenichi Iida, Reel Product Specialist at Shimano, shows us the new Chronarch E reels


Chronarch E: The Chronarch E is a radical departure from the previous version which was basically an aluminum version of the Core. Shimano has now gone in a new  direction and wants to make the Chronarch more like the Curado. The previous generations of the Chronarch have been described as "elegant" and Shimano believes that these reels should be positioned more as the most aggressive of the "high performing trio," which includes the Chronarch, Curado, and Citica.


The new reels feature a familiar profile, and share the same platform as the Curado E


The new reel is immediately recognizable as a souped up previous gen Curado and features a two tone appearance which gives the reel a much sportier look than previous iterations. I like the white and black finish on the new Chronarch reel much better than the silver/burgundy combination on the Caenan. The black center on the Chronarch should match up nicely with more rods and the market, including Shimano's own.


The Chronarch E will come in both 200 an 50 sizes


The Chronarch D retailed for $299 and the new version brings the price down significantly to $199.99. the new series will be available in 7.0:1, 6.5:1 in the 200 size in both left and right hand retrieve and 6.4:1 in the compact 50 size. The 200 size reels weigh in at 7.6oz. and the 50 weighs 7.1oz. All versions feature 6BB + 1RB and the reels will start becoming available shortly after the show this July.


The reels feature a two tone finish with a black center and white surrounding finish. It reminds me of a BMW M3 coupe with a black carbon fiber roof... very sporty


The same low profile we loved on the Curado E reels


Curado G: The Curado G gets a major makeover as well and like the Chronarch it is instantly recognizable as a pre-existing reel, it now features the same profile as the Caenan, but unlike the Caenan the new Curado features an aluminum construction which gives the reel a much more solid and refined feel. The series that we affectionately dubbed the "Green Machine" also now has a darker appearance than it's predecessor with black anodized metal highlights and is designed to better match up with the new Crucial rods. Considered by many avid bass anglers as the standard when it comes to baitcasting reels, “we’re very cautious when it comes to making changes with the Curado series,” Iida said. “Working with a product design team that includes many avid Curado anglers, we knew any changes to this series had to be right and needed – and we knew right from the start not to mess with our ‘Curado green’ color.”


The Curado now has the same profile as the Caenan but features a metal construction

“Curado enthusiasts will appreciate the color scheme on our new Compre rods – now with IM9 graphite blanks and in technique specific models,” said Iida. “The green accents on the rod match up perfectly with our Curado green to provide a great looking set-up. Plus we also offer new Compre inshore rods for those anglers who prefer the low-profile Curado design to target redfish, sea trout, snook and bonefish, among other shallow-water saltwater species.” Shimano has designed the new reel to stand up to the rigors of tournament fishing and in terms of specifications the Curado G has a bearing count from the of 4BB + 1RB and there is a dramatic weight reduction from 7.6oz. on the Curado E 200 to 6.9oz. on the Curado G. The Curado 200 G will be available in three different retrieve ratios, 7.0;1, 6.5:1, and 5.5:1 but noticeably absent is the 50 size, for that anglers will now need to pick up the new Chronarch E.

A look at the side of the new "green machine"


The previous Curado 200E reels retailed for $179.99 each and have become a popular reel for anglers looking for a workhorse under 200 dollars. In an effort to make the reel once again more accessible to mainstream anglers the Curado G will retail for a more aggressive price of $159.99. The new Curado reels will start hitting store shelves in the October timeframe.

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