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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Sebile Cranks Up A Best of Show Award for Hardbaits

Date: 8/5/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Sebile - Pure Fishing
Reviewer: JIP

Though Sebile is now part of Pure Fishing, the innovation from this brand continues. With the freedom to continue to develop new concepts Patrick Sebile has even more resources in which to innovate. This year he introduced a crankbait that took best of show in the hardbait category.


Introducing the new award winning Sebile D&S Crank crankbait


D&S Crank: There's a saying that if you're not contacting structure or hanging up, then you're not fishing where the fish are. Most of the time anglers are afraid to toss a crankbait with trebles into heavy cover but and the new Sebile D&S addresses that with its innovative single hook design that stays hidden until a bass takes hold.


This is a deep diving crankbait. A long cast will get you 20 feet down and 28 feet when trolling


The triangular-shaped body is armed with a moving wide gap hook so the
point is protected by the lures own profile. Whether retrieved or trolled, Sebile’s unique Gravity Snagless Hook System uses gravity to hold the hook down in its lowest position, allowing the bait to run through heavy grass, brush and rocks without fear of snagging. The hook moves upward on the lure’s body during a strike for an immediate hook set. Not only is the lure less likely to snag up but the single large hook make it easy for anglers to remove the crankbait from the fish's mouth.


Two lures showing the up and down position of the hook


Internally, three sections each contain a bead that rolls different lengths to create varying sound levels. This bait is designed to run deep, down to 20 feet while cranking and 28 feet while trolling, and is constructed out of heavy-duty, ultrasonic-welded ABS material. It is available in nine fish-catching colors including: Matte Orange/Yellow Crawdad, Matte Brown/Red Crawdad, Holo Greenie, FireTiger Gold, Hot Lime, Natural Red Tilapia, Natural Shiner, Blue Althea and Natural Gold Shiner. Length: 2.75 inches, Weight: 7/8 ounces. Available in the Fall, each Sebile D&S Crank will retail for $14.50.


Congratulations Patrick on winning the best of show for hardbaits with the new Sebile D&S Crank


Conclusion: Sebile cranks up a win at ICAST this year with their innovative new D&S Crank. This crankbait not only goes deep but is great for fishing in or around cover thanks to its unique single hook pivoting design. Sebile continues to innovate and now that resources are more plentiful we can expected a lot more from this team in the future.










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