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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Lobina's Commitment to Topwater is "Clear"


Date: 8/3/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Rico
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: The Rico Popper has become a mainstay in the tackle boxes of serious bass anglers that enjoy fishing for largemouth with topwater poppers. This season this go-to bait gets a range of clear new finishes designed for pressured fish.  


Lobina introduces the new Rico Clear Series designed for pressured fish and clear water conditions


The Rico is so simple, yet so elegant. Built with high quality materials these poppers are also known for their consistency. The Rico is also a favorite among professional anglers that use the bait for picking up fish in the morning. With so many anglers using Ricos you would think fish have seen it all, well no longer.


There are a ton of Rico's to choose from, each has a unique finish and character


Lobina has launched the new Rico Clear Series which features translucent bodies with colors designed from the inside out to blend into the surface and surroundings for a more subtle appearance. This helps alter the fish's perspective and is not only a different looking bait but is good for pressured fish and crystal clear water conditions. These baits are so detailed that even the weights are colored to resemble the bloodline of the baitfish.


Pro Angler Chris Ricci shows us his new Clear Series "Ricci's Recipe" lure


Each of these new lures are finished with a metallic gold thread tied feather. There are many patterns to choose from including Chrome Shad, Skeleton Chartreuse, and Ricci's Recipe, a special bluegill pattern created by Pro Angler Chris Ricci. These new Clear Series baits have a MSRP of $25.00 each.


The Rico Suave gets a limited edition pattern for 2011 called "Absolute"


Limited Rico Suave: The Rico Suave is a handcrafted topwater lure that is designed to move a great deal with even the smallest movement of your rod. New for this year is a special pattern called "Absolute," which looks fantastic under the light. Each bait features a 20th Anniversary Logo on top and a metallic silver thread tied feather. This limited edition bait will only be sold in 2011. This one could be a hot collectors item in a few years, might want to grab two, one to fish and one to keep in mint condition. 


The Absolute Rico Suave will only be available this year and comes with a 20 year anniversary celebratory logo


Westy's Worm: It wasn't just hard baits for Lobina, the company is reintroducing a time honored favorite... the Westy's worm is back. This pre-rigged worm has been a popular bait for over 30 years and is designed to make every single strike count. Armed with both a jighead and a #2 stinger hook this 5" worm is both easy to cast and can be used to target fish that are near the bottom or suspended. A pack of four worms retails for $8.99.


The pre-rigged Westy's Worm returns


Conclusion: Lobina Lures expands their line with some new Ricos which are ideal for "finesse" topwater applications. Rico goes to great lengths to make the new Clear Series effective, and the colored weights are an example of just how far they are willing to go. When is a popper more than just another topwater spitter? When it's a Rico. 









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