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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Quantum and KVD Introduce New Classic Winning Reel and Rods

Date: 7/23/2011
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

At ICAST Quantum along with Bassmaster champion KVD introduced the new Quantum TourKVD PT Cracking Classic baitcast reel and the newly refined TourKVD PT cranking rods as well as a complete set of new TourKVD PT graphite models. KVD worked closely with the team at Quantum to introduce the new series which is finely tuned to his specifications.


Introducing the new Quantum TourKVD PT Cranking Classic reel


TourKVD PT Cracking Classic: Kevin VanDam’s goto cranking combo are his very own Quantum TourKVD PT rods and reels, and though the reels have been a great performer there was still room for improvement. Enter the new Quantum TourKVD PT Cranking Classic reel. “Based on the success of the Smoke series of reels, I asked Quantum to build me a reel styled similar to the lightweight, low-profile Smoke frame with the 5.3:1 cranking ratio I love. They nailed it. It’s a significantly lighter reel we’re calling the Tour KVD Cranking Classic. It has the super smooth Performance Tuned 150-size gears in it. I love those big 150-sized PT gears to get extra casting sensitivity, the perfect speed of retrieve, and less torque on my hands, wrists and arms,” Kevin passionately explained.


Lower profile than the higher speed versions


The new reel is very similar to the popular Smoke Series but feature a with a different appearance and enhanced components refined to Kevin’s personal specifications. The aggressively styled reel features an all-aluminum frame and side covers, the reel has a rock solid one piece feel, and Quantum’s patented Infinite ACS3 Cast Control. Eleven Performance Tuned high-grade stainless bearings are custom made to minimize vibration and friction, and the patented Quantum CSC drag system is utilized for superb performance under load.


This reel is basically a Smoke PT which has been fine tuned by Kevin VanDam himself


Veteran Quantum marketing executive and avid outdoorsman, Bob Bagby, summed up their latest creation by saying, “We took the proven 5.3:1, 150-sized gear set-up that Kevin insists is the best for crankbait fishing, and put the frame on a diet so it would be lighter like Smoke. We named it the Tour KVD Classic Cranking reel to acknowledge the Classic wins and Angler of the Year titles he’s had with that set-up the past two years.” This right handed reel will most likely perform similarly to the Smoke PT or possibly even slightly better. The reel has a line capacity of 145 yards of 12 pound test or 185 yards of 30 pound braid. Gear ratio of 5.3:1 with an IPT of 23 inches. The drag is rated a whopping 19 pounds when buttoned down to the max. The reel weighs 7.5 ounces which is one oz. lighter than the high speed models. Available in October of this year, the new Quantum TourKVD PT Cranking Classic will retail for $299.


This reel is 1 ounce lighter in weight than the high speed models. Check out the powerful handle KVD specified


TourKVD PT Rods: With the new TourKVD PT Cranking Classic reel comes refined rods by the Classic Champion KVD himself on rod design and specifications. The fiberglass cranking sticks were already good but KVD wanted to further differentiate them, so he opted for micro guides on his glass cranking rods. VanDam explained the reason for his latest modification to a series of rods that’s recently delivered Bassmaster Angler of the Year and Classic titles. “By adding smaller line guides, not only did we take even more weight out of these rods, but we added accuracy to each cast,” said VanDam.


Cranking Models Type Length Action Power
TKVD664M Casting 6'6" ML Mod
TKVD685M Casting 6'8" M Mod
TKVD705M Casting 7'0" M Mod
TKVD706M Casting 7'0" MH Mod
TKVD745M Casting 7'4" M Mod
TKVD7105M Casting 7"10" M Mod
TKVD7106M Casting 7'10" MH Mod


Introducing TourKVD rods with micro guides


Seven of the rods are intended for use with crankbaits, and therefore are built with forgiving, shock reducing E-glass and composite construction (EGC), including a brand new 7' 10" medium action rod that Kevin loves use to throw Strike King 5XD crankbaits with.


Graphite Models Type Length Action Power
TKVDC666F Casting 6'6" MH F
TKVDC6106F Casting 6'10" MH F
TKVDC726XF Casting 7"2" MH XF
TKVDC767XF Casting 7'6" H XF
TKVDS705F Spinning 7'0" MH F
TKVDS744F Spinning 7'4" M F
TKVDS704F Spinning 7'0" M F
TKVDS6104 Spinning 6'10" M F


Aside from the cranking glass composite rods, KVD and Quantum also released eight new TourKVD graphite rods. Four casting rods that range from 6’6” MH-F to 7’6” H-XF. And then there are four spinning models ranging from 6’10” M-F and up. All the “other” rods that are needed for dropshot to tossing spinnerbaits all the way to pitching. The new rods all use PacBay micro guides and Fuji reel seats along with a split grip design. The TourKVD PT rods will retail for $159 and will be available around September.


You can now fish TourKVD graphite rods, a perfect pairing with the new reels 


Conclusion: Quantum and Kevin VanDam are both serious about their new offerings, these are not just rods and reels with KVD labeling. KVD himself was deeply involved in designing the rods and reels to his own specifications, and spent many hours fine tuning the tackle after personally field testing them on the water. Quantum had a great showing this year at ICAST, first with the exciting EXO reel which wowed attendees with a minimalistic lightweight design, and second with the refined KVD offerings which up the ante in both features and performance.










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