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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Quantum Leap Into the EXO Generation

Date: 7/13/2011
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Introduction: Last year Quantum quietly wowed the ICAST audience with the Smoke baitcasting reel – this year they chose to blow the show off its foundation. To start off, they graced the Las Vegas Convention Center with one of the largest, media-filled booths, featuring large flat-screen monitors with video showcasing their new Generation EXO products and their interactive “microsite” called EXO, short for EXOskeleton.




Bells and whistles are great but what impressed us the most was this new line of EXO PT reels and rods. It was very evident that Quantum’s goal for 2011 was to decrease the weight of their rods and reels without sacrificing strength and durability. They accomplished this feat by intelligently designing their new equipment with the motto, “Where Addition is Achieved by Subtraction.” Let’s see what’s new at Quantum for this coming year.


Introducing the new innovative and lightweight Quantum EXO PT baitcast reel


EXO PT Casting Reel: There’s truly nothing else available like the new Quantum EXO PT casting reel. This new innovative product is absolutely impressive while catalogs and pictures really tell only half of the story. The EXO PT baitcaster is even more impressive in person and vibes will flow throughout your body when you grasp this reel in your hand for the first time.


Here's the raw EXO frame


Let’s talk a little about the EXO PT design and construction. Part of the EXOskeletal design concept is to have “Metal Where it Matters”. The hybrid construction is a combination of tough, lightweight aluminum alloy for the frame and side covers - areas that are heavily stressed when fished - plus the use of a lightweight composite material for non-critical areas of the EXO PT reel. According to Quantum, this design feature reduces weight in non-critical locations by 50%. Because of this, the EXO PT reels are only 5.9 ounces! Vice President of marketing, Bob Bagby, told us, “We took a very close look at what’s not needed in a baitcasting reel’s frame and we took it out. We call it ‘Metal Where it Matters.’ But the biggest thing to note is that we didn’t lose strength and function in the process. In fact, we maintained the hardy 150-size gears in a smaller, sleeker 100-sized frame when we built EXO.”


A different angle of the exoskeletal frame design


Quantum didn’t stop with the frame when trying to cut the weight, though. The EXO PT casting reel features an aluminum drive gear that is ported to remove excess weight. This is the other part of the EXOskeletal design concept – eliminate material where it isn’t needed. And, speaking of the gears, the EXO PT comes in three models with gear ratios of 5.3:1, 6.6:1, and 7.3:1. Inches Per Turn (IPT) is quite impressive as well: 24 IPT (5.3:1), 28 IPT (6.6:1) and a blistering 31 IPT for the 7.3:1.


An impressive looking and feeling reel


The EXO cast control is also new. It uses a micro-sized version of Quantum’s exclusive ACS cast control system. You can set the cast control to a wide range of centrifugal brake settings by simply opening the side cover and dialing in the right amount of braking power through a simple dial.


The EXO PT casting reel comes in three speeds


Another impressive feature we saw with the EXO PT was Quantum’s CSC drag system, which combines a series of carbon, stainless steel, and ceramic disks – that produce a high-performance drag system with respect to pressure and smoothness. The carbon disks provide a friction surface that delivers high drag lockdown while maintaining smoothness. The ceramic disks provide a low start-up inertia and dissipate heat quickly on extended runs.  Finally, the stainless steel disks impart the strength to keep the system in alignment under load. The CSC drag system is a combination of win-win for the EXO PT reel producing strong drag pressures – 15-, 17-, and 19-pounds drag force – for the three models.


Model Retrieve Mono Capacity Braid Capacity Gear Ratio IPT Max Drag Bearings Weight
EX100HPT Right 145/12 185/30 7.3:1 31 15 lbs 10+1 5.9 oz
EX100SPT Right 145/12 185/30 6.6:1 28 17 lbs 10+1 5.9 oz
EX100PPT Right 145/12 185/30 5.3:1 24 19 lbs 10+1 5.9 oz


Features a micro-sized version of Quantum's ACS cast control system


And to complement those excellent features already mentioned, the EXO PT casting reel also makes use of a one-piece 6061 tempered-aluminum handle that’s also skeletal combined with nice-feeling ported EVA grips for comfort and lightness. The clicking drag star is also constructed of 6061 aluminum and features the skeletal design.


The EXO design places "Metal Where it Matters"


Top view of the EXO PT


To top these features off, add Quantum’s PT bearings (10+1), a high capacity spool, and their very popular Hot Sauce, and you have an amazing high performing reel that’s lightweight , truly innovative and impressive. The EXO PT baitcast reel will retail for only $249 and will be available in October 2011.


A tempered aluminum skeletal design for the handle and drag star


See the new EXO PT Spinning Reel









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