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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Evolve's Topwater Baits are Extremely Realistic


Date: 7/28/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Evolve
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Evolve popped onto the scene earlier this season with a number of topwater frog lures that all showcased a very high level of realism. These frogs are among the most realistic we have seen to date and are fished quite unlike traditional frogs which are walked side to side.


Evolve's Pulse Frog features a longer body than the Species Frog


Pulse Frog: Evolve's baits look like works of art and each lure features a waterproof hand painting process. The Original Pulse Frog's body is 2 1/2" long (4" overall) and features a solid hard plastic body with very realistic looking 3D eyes. Behind the main body is a small silicone skirt and twin weedless hooks.


The underbelly looks like the bottom of a boat


The Pulse Frog's underbody looks like the bottom of a boat and features a hydrodynamic design that allows the body to skirt and splash on the surface when retrieved and paused. The Pulse Frog is designed to spit water forward as it is retrieved and can even be fished with a steady retrieve with twitches of the rod tip mixed in to create extra commotion on the surface. The Pulse Frog is available now in four slick looking patterns and retails for $14.99 each. 


The Species Frog features a more compact body than the Pulse Frog but looks very bit as realistic, if not even more genuine


Species Frog: The Species Frog is a shorter more stout version of the Pulse Frog and features the same basic construction, just in a 2" body. The lure is armed with the same weedless hooks and puts out a little less splash than the larger profile Pulse Frog, making it a good choice for finesse applications or when matching the hatch requires a smaller frog. The Species Frog also looks very realistic and there are four very distinct patterns to select from including Caramel Cream, Leopard Brown, Leopard Green, and Neon Strip. This bait is also available now and retails for $14.99 each.


The Menace Mander is a Salamander lure that is designed to look realistic in the water even at rest, where it sits at a 55 degree angle


Menace Mander: I had to do a double take when I first saw the brightly colored Menace Mander. This salamander bait features a torpedo shaped design with a 3D texture. It is weighted in the rear so that the back half of the bait will suspend at an angle when paused, so it looks more like a salamander poking his head above the water level when at rest. Internal rattles help create extra commotion and each bait comes armed with red treble hooks. This topwater bait is designed to be fished with a side to side action and each lure is 4" in length and weighs 1/2oz. The Menace Mander is also available now and retails for $22.99 each.


The Vibra Grub returns...


Vibra Grub: While Evolve is quickly becoming known for their hardbaits they are also working on soft plastics as well. The Vibra Grub looked vaguely familiar and Derek Carr, the Owner of Evolve, told us that this bait had been introduced in a few markets around 5 years ago and Evolve is reintroducing it to the market in a range of new colors.


The Vibra Grub will come in a variety of patterns and sizes to address both saltwater and freshwater applications


This bait looks like the cross between a worm and a leech and features a grub-like center body surrounded with wings that undulate as it is retrieved. Durable saltwater bodies and supple freshwater bodies will be introduced in a range of sizes including 2, 3, and 4" sizes. The Vibra Grub will be available in about a month and a half and each pack will retail for $5.99.


Derek Carr shows us his newest ultra realistic Evolve Baits


Conclusion: Evolve's baits look very convincing, and while relatively new to the bait market the brand is already having success with their detailed topwater baits. The Pulse and Species Series Frogs showcase some of the most lifelike finishes we have ever seen to date. Derek summed it up by telling us his goal this season is to continue to introduce quality lures and make them more affordable and accessible to anglers. Sounds like a good plan.  









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