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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Denali's exotic rod offerings now include Mark Tyler multi-purpose and Murphy jerkbait rods


Date: 7/20/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Denali
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Denali showcased a number of new rods at ICAST 2011, and unlike many other rod brands the company's rods are instantly recognizable with their exotic hardwood highlights. In addition to new models the company also highlighted a slick new logo and branding on their blanks. 


Denali's Jadewood rods feature use of EVA split grips and exotic hardwood foregrips


Denali's rods look very high end with their exotic stabilized hardwood highlights and yet many of their rods are surprisingly affordable. The Jadewood rods for example retail for a very reasonable price of only $89-$119 depending on length and model.


The rods feature a clean looking blank complete with the company's sharp looking new logo


At the show Denali introduced two new Jadewood rods, the first was a 7' MH Shakey Head rod ($89) and the second was the 7'6" XH flipping stick ($119). Both rods feature ergonomic hard EVA split grips, ringlock guides with halide ceramic rings. The new rods are only a month away from delivery to retail and both of these application specific sticks offer anglers a quality combination of features and value.


A look at the split grip on a Jadewood spinning rod


Denali also showed us new prototypes of their new Signature Series rods. These new rods reside in the company's Rosewood series and Denali has partnered up with Pro Anglers including Mark Tyler and Michael Murphy to leverage their individual fishing strengths to create rods that exhibit very specific attributes


The new Mark Tyler prototype is just like other Rosewood rods and features Grade A Portuguese split grips...


Denali's two new Mark Tyler offerings are multi-purpose 7'4" rods, one is rated medium heavy and the other is rated heavy, both are casting rods. Mark wanted a very consistent rod capable of adressing a full range of techniques, different baits, and varying lure weights. These new rods feature hi-modulus BSTI-10 blanks and are finished with exotic Rosewood hardwood foregrips. These rods will retail for $219 dollars each and are also just a few weeks away from production.


...and exotic Rosewood foregrips


The new Murphy rods are designed for jerkbait and topwater applications and come in a 6'8" length that is perfect for moving baits and are available in both cast and spin models.  Murphy designed these rods to be fished lures in a downward motion without the rod dragging in the water when fishing lures like jerkbaits and his signature IMA Flit.


The ALPS recessed ring design has plenty of surface area for enhanced glue adhesion between the ring and guide, resulting in excellent durability


The new rods are designed to have plenty of backbone towards the base of the rod and a soft tip to better work these lures and cast far to cover plenty of water with these fast moving baits. Like the Mark Tyler rods the Murphy rods also use the same BSTI-10 blanks and ALPS Light XN guides which are lightweight and makes use of SS316 stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance. The new Murphy rods retail for $179 each, and all Denali rods comes backed with a limited lifetime warranty. 


Mike Helton and Scott Estes show us the newly refined Denali rod offering


Conclusion: The team at Denali has been busy refining their line, creating a new logo and branding strategy that ties their lines together beautifully, and working with Pro Anglers including legends like Mark Tyler to create rods designed with specific applications in mind. A lot of companies, big and small, can build rods but there are not many that can do what Denali can... create a range of rods that not just feel good in hand but are instantly recognizable and carry with them a very unique and somewhat exotic "personality."









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