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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Boomerang Tools even makes a “Snip” Intriguing


Date: 7/23/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Boomerang Tool Company
Reviewer: Zander

The Boomerang Tool company has expanded their offerings as well as refined exiting tools like their flagship pair of retractable pliers. These tools feature excellent functionality at a reasonable price, and as the name of the company implies, each and every tool features a retractable design making it easy to stow and secure the tool at all times.


Boomerang Tool's new "Snip"


The Snip: This new tool is designed to an ergonomic line cutter. Featuring steel cutting jaws the Snip is capable of cutting through 50lb. braided line with ease. Unlike a traditional clipper where you press down to make the jaws come together the Snip is more like a pair of mini-scissors, simply press the metal flanges together on the side and they unlock to open the jaws and squeeze them again to cut line.


In closed position the jaws are shut and the grips are flat against the tool's frame


We actually procured a pair right before ICAST and have been testing the tool in the lab on everything from mono, fluro, and even braided lines exceeding the manufacturer’s specification. We found the serrated edge on the jaws to hold up very well and after many cuts the jaws continue to cut clean and smooth.


The Snip is designed to cut through mono, fluro, and braided line


The size and the shape of the Ship may seem a bit large but the ergonomic design allows anglers to put plenty of pressure on the jaws without any effort. It sure beats a pair of nail clippers! The retractor makes it easy to secure the Snip right on your jeans, on a pair of pliers, or even on a fishing vest.


As with other Boomerang tools the Snip has a built in retractor


There are two versions of the new Snip, a standard version which retails for $11.95 and another with a built in LED light which can illuminate the area right in front of the jaws when cutting in low light conditions which retails for $14.95.


Boomerang's Big Catch Pliers now have replaceable steel jaws


Refining the Big Catch Pliers: The company’s pliers have also been improved and now feature an more serious looking black and grey finish. The same retractor is in place but new replaceable carbide cutters are now employed and the jaw ends on the Big Catch H1 version are now replaceable steel ends which are mounted in the cast aluminum body.


The carbide cutters are also replaceable


The ability to service the pliers makes them more suitable for extreme fishing conditions including inshore and saltwater applications. The slip resistant handles make them easy to use even in wet conditions and will never rust. The Big Catch H1 pliers retail for only $39.95 each, a very reasonable price when compared with most other pliers, few of which offer as many features.


The Big Catch Pliers feature a retractor built into the handle end, this is one tool that will always stay within reach when you need it most


Conclusion: The Boomerang Tool company continues to bring out interesting tools that are not only feature rich but surprisingly affordable as well. These are not another pair of rebranded tools, but rather a family of products that all leverage the same level of quality and user-friendly design. This season the company spent time on refining their offerings and was able to make something as simple as a line cutter not only interesting but better.









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