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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Accurate's new BX and SR rods help tip the scale for Anglers

Date: 8/9/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Manufacturer: Accurate
Reviewer: Zander

Accurate bolsters their line of rods with new BX and SX (casting and spinning) models designed to pair perfectly with the company's own reels. These lightweight rods feature a floating fulcrum design to tip the scales in favor of anglers when it comes to a tug of war with big fish.


Accurate introduces their new BX and SR rods


Extreme Rods: Accurate has a complete range of conventional and spinning reels designed for tackling top of the food chain species and this ICAST the company introduced new "Extreme Rods" to pair with thier world class reels. The new BX and SR rod series feature the same floating point fulcrum design that lets anglers put more heat on the fish while making the angler's time with the rod more enjoyable. Yes that's right, the company actually figured fun factor into the new rod designs.


The rods feature floating fulcrum design that helps shift the pressure back to the fish


The "floating fulcrum" refers to how the rod's exhibit a fairly fast action that on most rods would stop with a relatively straight rod exiting the butt. The BX and SR series continues to slowly bend back towards the grip resulting in a movement of the initial Fulcrum back towards the angler which helps transfer the strain from the angler to the fish. The more parabolic the bend on the rod the more pressure on the fish resulting in less pressure on the angler holding the rod.


The rods make use of silicone carbide guides


So enough tech-speak, how does this translate to anglers? The result is a rod that feels powerful and lightweight making it possible for anglers to fight bigger fish with less strain. Thus the increased fun factor. At the show we simulated this and noticed that though the rod was able to handle loads with a nice parabolic action, should you need more power you can pull up and the rod's backbone will respond confidently giving anglers additional power when they want it.


The prototype rotor and spool on the left indicate this is a freshwater sized reel


These rods are designed to fish braided line and feature a 6ply graphite and glass construction, silicone carbide guides, Fuji reel seats, and an aluminum gimbal. So how much do these new rods retail for? Less than you might think, and the spinning rods go for $134-$153 dollars while the conventional rods are slightly more expecnsive at $154-$164 dollars. There are three rods in each series (7020, 7030, and 7040).


The team at Accurate shows us the new soon to come freshwater sized spinning reel 


Conclusion: Accurate's new Extreme Rods are quite powerful yet are lightweight in hand. Retailing for under $165 dollars these rods are surprisingly reasonable and should pair well with the company's premium reels. While the rods are ready for primetime Ben Secrest, VP of Sales and Marketing at Accurate, had something else to show us. He pulled out from behind the booth the rotor and spool of a new prototype the company has been working on. Suffice to say this will be Accurate's smallest reel to date and could very well be the crossover reel that freshwater anglers have been hoping the company would introduce. We couldn't get much more information out of Ben other than a sneak peek at a 3D rendering, but suffice to say were excited about what this little powerhouse might offer.










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