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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Rod Coverage

ICAST Coverage Day 3 (Rods) - Let the Rod Wars Begin!

Date: 7/15/07
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: Did the reel's hold any surprises this year? A few, but for the most part the players were the same and the product simply entered yet another phase in maturity. It was here in the rod category that the battle lines were really drawn. The players here are as different as can be, with well established companies like G.Loomis and Lamiglas representing the "old guard," and brands like Dobyns and e21 that are up and coming contenders. First blood has been drawn, so let the rod wars begin!


Easy Navigation: Because this is live coverage and we are adding to the article "live" we have provided quick-link navigation to the individual featured sections:


ICAST 2007 "Live" Rod Article

Page 1  Don't mess with my Loomis!
Page 2  Lamiglas and finally Dobyns rods are coming
Page 3  Daiwa loads up another helping of the Steez
Page 4  Powell turns to swimbaits for their big new stick
Page 5  Kistler also joins the swimbait craze and prepares to refresh the LTA
Page 6  St. Croix brings out the big guns with the split grip Legend Elites
Page 7  Quantum is the first to make use of the Fuji ACS reel seat!
Page 8  Van Staal's GT killer
Page 9  Fenwick builds unique rods for each application
Page 10  Shimano builds rods for bottom contact baits
Page 11  e21 unleashes the Carrot Stik on a world of unsuspecting anglers

We start with the benchmark for quality, performance, and service... none other than the wildly popular G.Loomis. Never one to stray far from their designs they have been branded as conservative at times by enthusiast anglers, but nobody can argue that Loomis hasn't taken their eye off the ball when it comes to delivering a premium product. Sure it might not have all the custom rod features that are all the rage, but then should it?

Loomis rods have a near cult following, and for good reason...they know how to build a great rod and haven't deviated from that goal

Just as many anglers would shun Loomis as those that would embrace them if radical change was brought forth. More than likely if a vote were taken on this site the odds would probably swing in favor of simply adding new lines of application specific product rather than a complete revamp. There are many an angler that say "don't mess with my Loomis," as each and every Loomis rod is above all consistent.

Finally Cal has a Loomis swimbait stick to add to his arsenal

This year as expected Loomis didn't make any huge changes, like Shimano for example with their more custom-like Camura series. If you needed anymore evidence that the swimbait craze is in full effect nationwide, you need look no further than Woodland, Washington and G.Loomis. For years, swimbait anglers have been using a variety of sticks from this manufacturer’s saltwater and river series rods only to wonder, when is G.Loomis going to offer a REAL swimbait stick. Well, the wait is over. Debuted rather quietly during this past spring in a Southern California consumer tackle show, G.Loomis unveiled their full line of four swimbait rods to the greater public at this year’s ICAST.

Three of these four rods will be seven feet eleven inches in length while the remaining one rod will be seven feet six inches. All these rods are one piece sticks and range in power in the G.Loomis scale from 4 up to 7 covering baits from half an ounce up to ten!

Loomis's new swimbait sticks are designed to be light to reduce the fatigue associated with chucking these mammoth baits

The goal of these big bait sticks? Minimize angler fatigue by providing a rod that is as light as possible, yet maintain the ability to really launch big baits and muscle in your catch. Prices range from $235 - @250 and the rods are already making their way to retailers.

Greenwater is going beyond the flats and this year the series expands with new inshore rods

Also new from G.Loomis this year, the expansion of their Greenwater Inshore Series with the introduction of GLX models for added sensitivity and featherweight feel. All three of these new Greenwater GLX sticks will be spinning rods ranging from seven to seven feet ten inches in length built with the afore mentioned GLX blank and the REC Recoil guides. Prices will range from $385 to $395 and the rods will be introduced to market this quarter.

Loomis returns to its roots and introduces 12 brand new steelhead rods

Perhaps the most exciting news for the G.Loomis faithful is the return of this company’s attention to what made them famous at the very beginning. G.Loomis introduces 12 new steelhead rods as a celebration of their 25th Anniversary. Gary Schaefer tells us, “these new steelhead rods are faster, lighter, and extremely sensitive. We’ve made the rods that Gary Loomis always wanted – what better way to acknowledge him for everything he’s accomplished in the fishing rod business?” Price range on the new Steelhead series will be from $285 to $350.

David Brinkerhoff holds the new swimbait stick, which is sure to be  big hit here on the West Coast

Anglers adept at the enduring and unique technique of center pin fishing will be excited to know that this year, G.Loomis is introducing four models of extra long “Great Lakes” style center pin rods built from GLX blanks and REC Recoil guides. These rods will range from 11’3” to 15’ in length and promise to answer the call for premium, high performance, Center pinning rods for anglers targeting steelhead not just in and around the Great Lakes, but really, anywhere this technique may apply.

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