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Event Article: 2007 ICAST Lure Coverage (Special)

ICAST 2007 Special (Lures) - Berkley baits with winning formulas PowerBait and Gulp!

Date: 7/26/07
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press only
Reviewer: Team TackleTour


Introduction: Last year Pure Fishing introduced over 1000 new bait and lure SKUs and it appears that this season they are at it yet again. It would be impossible to cover all of these baits, so instead we decided to focus on the ones that we believe are definite winners, many of which make use of the popular PowerBait and Gulp! formulas.


Eric Naig, Pure Fishing's Senior Marketing Manager shows us the ICAST Best of Show Soft Lures winner Gulp! Alive!

Gulp! Alive!: Let's start with the winner of Best of Show Soft Lures for ICAST 2007. The Gulp! Alive! is not like the old Gulp! This new formula and artificial bait looks and feels alive, and using
an exclusive technology Berkley makes their biodegradable plastics release 400 times more scent than regular plastics. The new Berkley Gulp! Alive! is 20 percent more potent than the original Gulp! due to the fact that it comes packaged in Gulp! juice.


The Gulp! Alive! baits are stored in buckets with Gulp! Juice and is 400X more potent than Gulp!


Gulp! Alive! can be bought in a small or large bucket for Freshwater or Saltwater. The freshwater varieties are: 3-inch and 4-inch minnow, 2-inch and 3-inch minnow grub, and 3-inch and 5-inch leech.  For Saltwater Gulp! Alive we have: 1-inch and 2-inch Peeler crab, 2,3, and 4-inch shrimp, 3-inch squid, 3-inch Pogy, 2, 4, and 6-inch sandworm, and 4-inch swimming mullet. A small bucket will retail for $19.99 and a large bucket will be $39.99.

Gulp! 10-inch TurtleBack Worm: If you're a lunker hunter here's a worm for you. The Gulp! 10-inch Turtleback Worm attracts big bass with a combination of scent, motion, and texture.


Big fish, big lure. This is Berkley's Gulp! 10-inch Turtleback Worm


The Gulp! 10-inch Turtleback Worm comes in the following colors: black, black-grape with green fleck, blue fleck, BS black, green pumpkin, pumpkinseed, purple, red shad, red shad with green glitter, tequila sunrise, watermelon, and watermelon with red glitter. A pack of four Turtle Back worms will run for $5.49.


Gulp! 5-inch Jumbo Leech: In the past, soft baits imitating leeches have only imitated the profile. This led to thin baits that didn't stay on the hook well and simply were unable to hold up to strikes from smaller fish. The new Berkley Gulp! 5-inch Jumbo Leech is oriented just like the real thing. It is tapered for more action with a thicker, meatier head that stays up on the hook and is more durable.


Anglers who fish with live leeches now have an alternative with the Gulp! 5-inch Jumbo Leech


The Jumbo Leech is great for drop shot, jig head, or any other technique where anglers use live leeches, this bait can be used in its place. And yes, it has the deadline Gulp! formula that will outfish live bait by dispersing scent through the water like a blood trail and convincing fish that it is real food. Colors available for the Leech are 3-mile leech, black, black olive, black red fleck, and pumpkinseed. Retail price will be $5.49 for a pack of eight.


Gulp! 4-inch Goby: Smallmouth anglers especially the ones around the Great Lakes, you have to take a closer look at this new bait. The Gulp! 4-inch Goby has a head and body size that mimics the real thing, and smallmouth love to forage on these fish.


Here's a killer new lure for smallmouth anglers around the Great Lakes, the Gulp! Goby


Here's what Smallmouth bass expert Joe Balog has to say about these new Goby baits, "Smallmouth bass love Gulp!. They also love to eat gobies. By combining the fish catching scent and flavor of Berkley Gulp! with the shape, size and action of a goby, Berkley has made the ultimate Great Lakes' smallmouth Bait."


It's size and shape is pretty realistic


The Gulp! 4-inch Goby comes in many popular colors and will retail for $5.49 for a pack of eight.



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